Small Trees Mod

What happened to Small Trees. I tought it was supposed to be built in. Does anyone know if there’s a mod out there that’s already out? I’ve been trying to google it but with no avail.

It is not built in but the official mod is available for download since the game launched. Search for it at the Mods tab in the game menu or download and install manually here.


Thank you very much!

how do i download the mod manually? there’s no button to click and do it
i gave up of installing the mod already since i try a lot of times the in game options, no mod works for me and without small trees i’ll never try multiplayer

Sorry, i’ve mistaken myself about downloading mods manually for AoE II DE. You can only subscribe from the site, and when you log into the game the mod will download automatically.

Note that for the mod work you need to activate it on the mod tab, marking its box on the list.

Hello @SpottedMule4! the Small Trees mod is an official mod developed by the AoE Official account.
Follow these in-game steps:

  1. Press in "MODS"

  2. Press the second tab to "Browse Mods"

  3. Enter the name of the mod or the name of the author of the said mod (in this case: AoE Official)

  4. Select the mod you are looking for and press the button to “Subscribe” (second option on the bottom). This button will change to “Downloading”

  5. Once the download and the whole process is done: You can enjoy your new mod!

These steps will be the same for any other mod you could want to download (as Zetnus Improved Grid, Night Edition Main Menu, Classic Intro, Mod Campaigns…)

PS: If you ever want to disable them or “Unsuscribe” because you don’t really want to keep them you just need to go to the “Installed Mods” tab and you can uncheck them to disable (you can do it one by one or you can Disable All with the button).

Good luck!


This method is broken for me, it is stuck on ‘downloading’

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im too late but im sooo tilted. Did you fix that? i m about to give up :frowning:

It ended up working after an update, but try manually downloading the mods from the creators directly