Small Visual Effect Feature Request

Can we got some sort of small visual indicator that shows which farms are not being currently gathered from by a farmer? It would massively help with quickly reorganizing your economy after a raid for example or when you need to re-assign villagers to different tasks or something of that nature… at the moment it always takes just that few extra moments to look closely to see which farms are being farmed and which ones are idle which is attention that can be better spent elsewhere. This would make the game just that little bit smoother, and for people who don’t like it they can turn it off. I am not sure what exactly the visual indicator could be but it shouldn’t be too intrusive for obvious reasons but easily recognizable. Maybe a red outline or something…

You can right-click with villagers on any farm and villagers will automatically spread to nearby unworked farms. If unworked farm is too far away, then villager will become idle though.

Yea that’s not really ideal though because that only works if you have an idle farm and sometimes to even try to work out if you have an idle farm you have to go through the farms one by one to see if anyone is working on them and this takes concentration away form more important aspect of the game.

Let for example see how this would work out in a real game scenario:

Lets say I have 20 farms, have just been raided and an unknown number of farmers have been killed before I garrison the survivors, the raid is over and I press the go back to work button and the garrisoned farmers return to their farms and now I have a number of idle farms because not all the farmers made it. So because sitting there and trying to work out exactly how many farms are idle is too time consuming, I grab a bunch of lumberjacks from a nearby wood line, lets say 10, and send them to a random farm. Now I have to wait for them to walk over, sort themselves out, and then wait and see if any of them remain idle after the others have resumed farming. Then I have to try to work out if they are idle because all the farms are being currently worked on or if only the nearby farms are being worked on and they haven’t managed to automatically go to a farm that is further away. So then I have to try and ascertain that, maybe scroll around the map a bit and try to visually check again to see if there are any ide farms, more time is wasted. And then once I determine that all the farms are being farmed, I will inevitably have some villagers standing around idle. Then I have to grab them again and send them back to the woodline, wasting more time. Mind you I also have to grab them from the middle of a busy crowded farming area. Its a bloody mess by this point.

Now if we go back to the moment where I ungarrison my surviving villagers after the raid I could immediately see the outline of any farm that isn’t being farmed I could quickly count it, determine how many extra farmers I need and grab the exact number of villagers from elsewhere in my economy and retask them without having to micro manage the whole process and supervise them to see if they find themselves some work on a nearby farm or just hang around twiddling their thumbs.

It would be a simple thing to implement and would make things so much easier to manage.