Smaller maps

Can we have the option of making even smaller maps say 100x100?

Socotra found a way :laughing:

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Yes, that would be a good idea. We already have maps that are made smaller artificially (like Socotra), so why not have it as a real option?

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having half of the map covered in inaccessible water is a work around that would be unnecessary if we just had smaller maps.

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@Ifavorwining is your nick missing a “n” or a “h”?

In terms of smaller maps: I don’t really like very close spawns cause it makes the game immediately agressive and messy. But ofc if people like this why devs don’t offer an “ultra small” map for them.


for some reason I was given a 12-character limit when trying to change my name I don’t know why.

If you want to do random maps, nothing that can be done. If you are talking about scenario editor, using scenario parser can do it.

I was given a random name and had no choice at all :rofl:

I dont think there is a good reason for smaller maps, but I think implementing something like this shouldn’t be that hard.

For some reason, I have a tendency to read your name as Woodsier-Cornier-696. I think I may have only just realized it was actually Woodsier-Corn-696. :joy: