Smart Drag box does not work

This is an issue which was in the stress test already. It still doesn’t work.

Expected result: When selecting military units and villagers, only military is selected.

Actual result: Both are selected.

Please fix.


Thanks for sharing with us. We’ll have the team look into it.

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Any news on this? Still waiting and its december for a very basic fix.

Please fix this

WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON AT RELIC??? how can a simple fix like this be put aside despite numerous calls for this bug to be fixed, the game is literally 6 months old and this hasn’t been patched. I came back to game today to see if the new season one patch had included this fix to find myself furious that it had been overlooked yet again. After 4 months of not playing today i deleted the game again until relic can sort out this simple bug fix.

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I believe changes have been made here. It should be context sensitive. So when Military Only is selected, Villagers will be selected when there are no military units in the band-box. The same is true with Villagers only, where military are selected only if Villagers are not in the selection box. When using shift for the box, all units can be selected inside the box.

The expected behavior for “Smart” is that it filters the selection based on a priority system. This system doesn’t differentiate Military and Economy, but it does prevent trees, gaia, and buildings from being selected in a group along with units.

Is there a particular behavior you think you should be seeing that you are not?

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I tested it ingame and I can confirm setting it to Military only does work as expected. Only military is selected even when villagers are inside the selection box. Thanks a lot!

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