Smart healthbars disappear after a few seconds

With the old “smart” healthbars I could always see which units were injured. For example, in this clip below I used in a different bug report there’s two injured villagers gathering sheep, which you can tell because their healthbars are showing. Very likely they were gathering a different resource and got injured, so I moved them to sheep under the tc to be safer.

With the new “smart” healthbars however, you only see the injured healthbars while the units are getting injured, and after a few seconds they disappear. In this clip a boar attacks some spearmen, and the healthbars are visible for a few seconds but then disappear. If I want to know which spearmen are injured, now I have to select all of them or hover over them one by one. I used to be able to tell at a glance which was which.

I want to call this a bug, since I can’t imagine why it would be preferred behavior. The point of “smart” healthbars compared to “always on” was that it would show only the injured units rather than all the units, because those are the ones I care about. (By the way, can I really tell the difference between a healthbar at 100% and one that’s only at 99%?) Anyway, I think I’ll have to use “always on” until this is fixed, because to me having the healthbars disappear after a few seconds makes them basically useless!

Thanks @FavouredCrowd96! This does indeed seem to be a bug. We’ll check into it.