Smart queue

Hi Guys,

in Age of Empires 2 the developers introduced a smart queue for barracks, TCs etc.
Do we get one as well?
This is especially important if you get multiple TCs in Age3.
As the game continues in the mid to late game i command all my TCs to produce vills.
The 1st TC always gets prioritized for a supernumary villager click (e.g. 3 TCs, 7 Vills queued --> 1st TC gets 3, … next time i click 7 vills --> 1st TC gets 3 again … and so on) The queue of the 1st TC explodes kind of, while the others are not working the entire time.

For the baracks etc. this is definately useful as well.
As soon as I have 2 barracks, the first is already producing 5 Musks, and I click 5 Musks in my queue, the 1st barracks with 5 musks, like halfway done, gets 3 of the 5 musks and the 2nd barracks, not working yet, gets 2/5 musks in queue.
I would expect, that the second barracks gets all 5 (or at least 4) because this is the fastest way of production.