SMURF must be stopped

This is not funny


haha just played vs the same guys 10 seconds ago. Really awesome game.

You don’t know what malicious means. No one opens the game with the intent of dodging, they are forced to do it because the game puts them on maps they have no interest in playing.

As always you are stirring hate and being deliberately blind to the root cause.




  1. Having the nature of or resulting from malice; deliberately harmful; spiteful.

By quitting early like that, your entire team has to pay the price for what you are doing. I don’t care whether or not you like the map, quitting is a malicious act towards the other players in your team, who now won’t have a chance to win in almost every case.


Actually some people do just that lol Here’s an example of that You understimate how much some people like to troll others xD

It’s the intent that matters. No one wants to open the game to waste time dodging disliked maps. This is a situation entirely created by the devs.

You are right, for the purpose of tanking elo it does happen deliberately and this is malicious.

It’s hard not to get tunnelvisioned on the dodging maps aspect since this system wastes so much of my time daily. When it comes to intent there is a big difference between dodging to tank elo or dodging to avoid disliked maps.

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As someone who doesn’t ban or star maps, I don’t have much sympathy, but out of interest, what kind of maps do you dodge? Are you anti any of these and why?: Arabia, Arena, Black Forest, Mega Random, Water Maps, Nomad, or other stuff.


I respect your preferences, or lack there of. This is why I have always been in favor of opt-in where everyone is free to play specific or a variety of maps.

I have preferences but I am not anti maps. It’s good that there is something for everyone. When people argue over maps I never get it, just let people play what they want and understand that interests form naturally, this game is entertainment not a chore.

Usually I am an arabia player, however lately I have been enjoying arena a lot and therefore currently often ban arabia. I like an occasional black forest, hideout or nomad. Runestones is fine just like arabia. Megarandom and water maps I avoid.

So when I ban or dodge a map, it’s not because I am anti, it’s because I don’t feel like playing it at that time.

Your willingness to play whatever is not a reason to feel like your time or preferences are more important than anothers. Why not acknowledge that others can have preferences and should’ve been able to maintain control over this since DE?

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Well, that’s a more open minded view you have than the average “Arabia/Arena/Whatever is the only good map!” kind of person. To be honest, I’m fine with being able to ban and choose maps from the literal entire list of maps, just ultimate control. No more map pools, never ranked lobbies, and everyone can mostly play what they want.

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People who ask for eg: an arabia only que are just as problematic as people who paint map dodgers as the devil because they are not alligned with what they are willing to tolerate. Both examples of selfish arguments.

This is what happens when you let a narrowminded MM system divide the community. I don’t take it lightly the lack of responsibillity from the devs and how far they let this go.

Yeah, it’s important to keep mentioning this even if you don’t have strong preferences yourself.

Sure they could increase the map pool a bit. There does need to be some kind of limitation on the map pool to keep the UI consice and not have a lot of maps which no one is in que for. Having something of everything is key here.

i think this is a false equivalence. people asking for a an arabia only queue arent hurting anyone, map dodging wastes the time of other playing the game

They are similarly problematic and come from a selfish perspective. These are the worst examples from both sides of the control over maps debate.

Arabia only que: Only granting control to one specific map, thinking your map is superior.
This hurts everyone other than players from that specific map.

Hating on map dodgers: Only caring about what you find important and blaming others when they find alternatives around dubious restrictive measures. These people are backed by the devs and therefore conveniently take the moral highground. They will deliberately reduce map dodgers to toxic people who waste time without acknowledging any context, that time is wasted by the devs who create these matchups where players did not agree on settings. Blaming other players who simply want to enjoy the game is destructive and will never bring us to a solution. For these people the solution is to completely ostracize the opposition, this is a really dark position. Obviously it sucks when someone dodges a map I enjoy but I will never be mad at them, this comes from respecting others and what they enjoy.

The point here is not to focus on eachother but what is causing the problem. A devisive system which inevitably leads to map dodging, which adds to the smurf problem. Which leads to hostility and finger pointing.

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Imo the people that claims that they should be able to pick maps are not more selfless either - everyone’s requirement is identical and the one in middle should not be superior.

Then people shoulndt dodge maps or maliciously delete everything after 5 minutes

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I agree everyones preferences are equally important. Therefore make an opt-in/max bans system which allows full control and variety. People who are in favor of control over maps aren’t saying only they can pick maps, it’s a freedom for everyone. This is the opposite of selfish, wanting to find a middleground for everyone which would also remove dodging for the purpose of avoiding disliked maps.

What i am actually curious about is if a opt in system wouldt take away that all maps are equal and only certain maps get played more

Also i someone who doesnt care about the map but i just wish to play it normally without anyone dodging

i don’t think an opt-in system would fix map dodging. the kind of immature person who ruins another person’s game because they don’t get the map they want will find other reasons to dodge:
-unfavourable civ matchup
-disliked the map generation
-gets lamed
or any of another 100 petty reasons



Too be fair i mean it feels like people just trying to find excuses to be malicious

Also @PacificWheel208 i dont know why you try to tear into a wound that we dident need and try to dig in again and again

Dident you know why you were banned last time? 11

This isn’t even the status quo. Certain maps still get played way more than others… At least be truthfull about the current status. Also we have had this discussion multiple times and you just start over every time as if you have no memory.

Which is what opt-in would fix. There is nothing to lose for you. Imagine dodging disliked maps would not be needed anymore, the time you save in que is spent in game having fun in game or this can mediate que times which may become longer. Also some people would value everyone being in agreement on map.

Map dodging refers to dodging because of a disliked map, it almost did not happen before this MM system and so it’s prevalence will dissapear again after map preferences get respected again through opt-in.

First you claim opt-in doesn’t fix map dodging, then you list some examples which are seperate discussions and barely happen. If you want to be fair in this debate you should acknowledge that respecting map preferences would drastically reduce map dodging to the point where it isn’t a problem anymore.

You started this by calling map dodging malicious.

I’ve never been able to have a normal discussion with you because you constantly come with baseless accusations.

To you they are just evil people who are trying to hurt you. This is not an informed position. You don’t engage in the debate, just want to troll. You’re not interested in a solution for everyone, you just want to defeat the opposition.

Spreading false information, I was never banned. I need to take breaks from this forum to stay sane, that is true.