SMURF must be stopped

Are the developers going to do something about this smurf issue in Aoe2DE? both in 1v1 and in team game ranked games every 2 matches there are smurfs with 80+% win rate… That makes me really wanna switch to other games.


They haven’t nerf Bohemians yet… so go figure.
In a serious note though, they don’t care, is money with ease.

i think i have yet to encounter a smurf. win rate doesnt prove anything.

also what do you want the devs to do?


Last night we had to face 3 times in a row some smurf player boosting a fourth player with something like 3300 elo score for ranked teamgames, it means 100% defeat for a modest team that just want to enjoy a night with a bit of competitive games.
Devs may consider the report button they added.

Finding a team of 4, each with no 1v1 games and 60 tg wins and 30 losses is a very strong indication of smurfing lol


Even worse you see their 1v1 win/loss it’s always something like 9/0 15/1 and so on


The only problem is that because of steam familiy sharing account system there not even money incoming from one person creating a new account D:

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Its not even that, people who play with their worse friend who is like 700-1000 elos under him, playing 2v2’s or 4v4’s or someone making teams uneven. Its not funny at this point when games like those happen.
You could even grief ladder games and dont get banned at this point AND ITS ANNOYING
(My message probably gets deleted now but i dont care, this ladder is broken)

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you are complaining a lot, but you arent providing any solutions.

I doubt microsoft can do anything about steam’s family sharing functionality, so why complain about it here?

what’s your solution for uneven teams? I like playing with friends who dont play as much as I do, do you think we should be banned from playing ranked?


@TwerDefender What’s your elo? smurfs are very common around 1500~2000TG.

I dont play much TG. currently 1800, but still rising

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Nah writing about cats has more priority than the actual problems of the game.


I’m 1500 1v1 and max 2600 tg, now because of this smurf thing i’m 2100 tg


The devs just created another smurf problem by forcing everyone to resign after 5 mins when wanting to avoid disliked maps along with the penalty. They actively sabotage their own game. No matter the roadblocks put in front we persist and play because we love this game, if this was any other mediocre game under their hands the result would be different.


this 100x , stupid "solutions "

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No, SMURF 100% shouldn’t be stopped.

You don’t play for money. You have nothing to win by gaining rank. You can switch to casual games with lobbies.

Some people are smurf. Other people are just people who played Age of Empires 2 in 1999 or the HD version and just got Definitive Edition recently.

In team games, some people are smurf. Other people are just people who want to play with their friends.

You don’t get to decide whether that AoE2 veteran can’t play ranked because he has 80% win rate or whether that guy can’t play with his friend because their skill difference is big.

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i agree with most of that. but people deliberately throwing games should be removed from ranked, similarly there should be measures to prevent people from resetting their progress through something like family sharing accounts.

an alternative could be to try to match people not just based on elo but also on total number of games played. so someone who just created an account would usually get matched with other like him


Veterans are free to play at their own elo. I cant’ find every night teams of smurfs that are no match for me and my friend. That’s when people leave the game forever.


Bohemians are not a good civ on open maps, and BF/Arena aren’t the game modes to hold as sacred and to balance everything around.

It obviously make no sense to smurf and tank elo if you can play equal matches in your elo.

Also yea the system might need fine tuning but people alt f4ing or wait 5 minutes do delete everything and loose to hinder their team is just malicious

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