Smurfing / noob bashing

This guy lost 49 games already in a row, most of them are played today. He already lost 900+ elo on a single day. I feel like this behavior is toxic behavior and needs to be punished. This seems someone who just Alt+F4 to let his rating drop, so he could start bashing some noobs. I dont think this behavoir is something we want at AoE II.

At this moment i dont really think the devs really look into this problem. You can report these accounts, but nothing seem to happen to me. I would love to see some system (maybe even (semi) automatic) so these accounts gets (temporary) banned.

Note: I made sure i didnt post the name of this account, so i do not call out other players. This thread is made around the issue, it is not about a specific player. This profile is just used as an example for this issue. I also havent played against this player.


I do agree. I was playing a 2v2 with a friend were in the 1k elo on team matches and 600 individually. Well one team we went up against was 2k elo. Thats crazy. We didnt even come close even though i did try.

Agreed that this is an issue, I’ve seen it several times. That said this guy looks like he hadn’t played in a year, and ultimately 1200 was the highest he ever achieved anyway. I’d think that a 1200 ELO player a year ago probably wasn’t as strong as a 1200 ELO player today. So coming back to the game and being trash probably didn’t feel so good, so maybe he lost a bunch so he could rebuild his skills?

Not making excuses, it’s still probably wrong to do, but I have never gone more than a few weeks without playing a game, so I can’t imagine the rust and meta changes after a year lol.

Now that I say that I see he came back in January and got some wins, so idk lol

it doesnt give him an excuse to be an a-hole and rape lower players… 1000 elo drop is an insane difference, there’s no way unless the guy lost an arm that he is that much worse of a player (like really what are the odds every smurf we see has some life changing injury)

for the fun of it i filtered the ranking from lowest to highest… and looked through their win rates, somehow beating players at 600 elo, but losing 20 times in a row at 200 elo…

there’s a mother horde of trolls throughout aoe’s rankings…i have no idea how the devs would control this stuff except through automation…

To be fair players at that range are not too far apart. I’ve spectated a fair bit of 200- 600 Elo games and seen 200 rated players take wins from 600 rated players. Usually if the decision making is super bad and paired with weak macro a lot of the games are very luck based.
Don’t want to take away from the issue though. Smurfing is bad for the game and should be punished.
If it is one of those “road to 2k5 with 0 losses” challenges with a fresh account however idk how to treat this, as these players just sweep through the ranks and ultimately end up where they are supposed to be.

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I really don’t get in AoE.

I mean I get smurfing in other games. Getting a high K/D in shooter games can be fun sometimes. But in AoE playing against much lower skilled opponents is just really boring (thats why I hardly ever play unranked…).


I suggest to filter on current loosing streak. That would be a much better selection to found the biggest trolls.

Adding some automatic rules would be a solution. If you lose more then 5 gamse in 1h, then you get an instant ban for a week. Things like that could already solve this issue partially.
Note: 5 games in 1h means 12 minutes for each game, including getting into the queue and getting matched.

Respect for keeping names out of it.

I agree with the premise. With a graph like that it should be absolutely clear cut.

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yeah i did that as well, almost a list of trolls, but could again also include weirdness, like someone trying to play the game and just getting rekt 12 times in a row and never playing again

ah ok makes sense then…

you could squeeze it down though? like losing 5 games in 30 min? or just tracks each match? lost x number of matches with each only played for less than 3 min or something?

i guess there’s many different ways

There are some reasons for smurfs.
Im just an 14xx player and recently created a smurf account, that ive used for multiple reasons:
I started to play AoE2 with some real life friends, that never went into tryhard mode, so after about two to three months of playing every ranked match I would play with them went either of two ways: They were getting crushed and I managed to bail them out, or they were getting crushed and I didnt manage to bail them out. It just didnt make sense to play with them anymore.
We tried some free for alls, and various fun mods but we were not able to enjoy the game together.
So I recently though about: Why not creating a smurf account and just limit yourself in stupid ways, like fast castle into scouts with teutons, Genitour “rush”, only spam vietnamese elephants, things like that.

While we were at it, I thought it also could be fun to do stupid strats in 1v1. See how far I would come with playing Feudal only for example.
There are lots of strategies and units in AoE2 that are simply not viable. Sometimes you would love to use those units, but it just never makes sense on your main account. A smurf account can be a fun way to do exactly that.

Im not saying smurfs cant be toxic, just explaining some reasons why someone would want to smurf.


Yes, you can have some different rules to determine the selection. It is up to the devs to analyse this. This can be done automatic, and just give the devs a list of ‘suspects’.

Seems like smurfing is a hot issue currently after the team game rating (kinda) fix.

I really hope that the devs will punish smurfing a bit more in the future. Smurfing is just toxic behaviour and we need to get rid of toxic behaviour.

I would love to see some more clear rules about smurfing (for what is allowed and what isnt allowed) and more clear moderation of these rules. As result the game would be a much nicer place.

There is a reason why people make threads like When did this community become so toxic?. It looks to me everything seem to be allowed. No one really seems to get banned for toxic behaviour.

I have an ELO of around 650 because I am a casual gamer and I have absolutely no problem with the fact that there are far more gamers who play e.g. with a strict build order and hot keys etc, and therefore are much better quickly and win much more often. But that’s what the ELO is for! Because, such gamers then rise steadily. I also have no problem with the fact that with my average ELO I often have beginners in my team who have to learn it first. All this is fun for me in the ranked matches. That’s what these are for!

But today I encountered an absolute ******* in a ranked match. A team member was wondering why I had the berries picked in the middle of the Arena map during the Feudal Age. Please don’t explain to me here why this doesn’t make sense in your eyes. I don’t care about that here and it doesn’t matter now. But after I explained myself to him, he “insulted” me as “noob” and then when the other team member was simultaneously attacked while I was in the pocket position, he insisted that I help the other team member while he was doing nothing . I wanted to help anyway, but unfortunately wasn’t very successful. He, on the other hand, just went “lol”. I then ask him why, if he is a “pro”, he wouldn’t help. And if he can do it so much better, why does he have such a low ELO. His answer:

“I’m using my smurf account.”

What the actual ****?!

Those ******** are not even ashamed of it anymore and openly admit it!

Dear AOE2 community, and especially dear AOE2 developers, finally do something about these ******* smurfs!