Smurfs at 800 elo?

So I started using my steam account to play ranked and while I am better than say Xmas when I got back to playing I have to ask how many smurfs are floating around the 800 elo mark because I can’t break through it on my xbox account. But I think I will end up just above a 1000 on steam. Also I just figured out what fy means at the end of a game.

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Games at that elo pretty much decided by the mood of the players on that day. No one is playing at a constant level. As result games might feel hard.

Still i wont be surprised if there are also a lot of smurf or players that wont play that seriously at that level, but have higher skills then you.


at below 1100 elo rm 1v1 everything works, just do something


Not sure what you mean?

pre mill drush, full walls, fc; double stable kt +skirm/monk in castle

Yes I guess your right but at 800 elo there is something fishy :fish:

i mean, you are fishy yourself, if you have an xbox and a steam account and complain about smurfing 11


Well isn’t this a turn in the conversation I shall go stare in the mirror for an hour now

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I don’t know what you want to hear.

Yes, the ladder is flooded by people with multiple accounts, at all ratings.

I want people to f off with their smurfs so other people can find their true skill level.

Is that simple enough.

I was also trying to highlight what would appear to be a high number of smurfs hanging around at a low elo beating on new players to feel good about themself’s

I don’t know man. This issue is known and ignored since the release of DE. In Voobly you could verify the legitimacy of each player before launching the match.

In DE about every second teamgame matchup is completly ruined by smurfs, and about in every other match the smurfs cancel out each other xD You can go to or and look up the exact occurence of smurfs in ranked matchups.

People in this forum try forever to initiate actions against that, but nothing happened so far.
And there are people like @Cysion who argue, that it’s not known how many people are affected by these issues and it’s not known, if they are a complaining minority. And therefore the ranked system has low priority apparently.

Correct me, if I am wrong.

I think its unlikely you’ll find many smurfs below 900 elo

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I have to agree with @FadedFriend2906 . Most players at that elo are probably just casual players, who dont even have build orders, don’t follow tournament events, dont really try hard and just play for fun

Ah if you want to get out of that elo but everytime you get on a roll your matched against players of a much higher skill base well that’s not casual for the person that’s trying to improve. That higher skill player is someone who likes to beat down on people. Drives people away if they can’t find away up.

And no you don’t learn from been whooped you get disheartened.

What do you think your true level is?

If it was above 800, you will climb out by just playing more, I don’t think that the number of smurfs has that big of an impact in your games and/or rating, I doubt smurfs are keeping themselves at the 800 elo level just to mess with you.

I recommend watching your replays and, if you’re curious, check out the profiles of the players you think are smurfs, I think you will be surprised that most of them are just regular players who simply had a better game.

About 2600 but I just getting hera smurfing

I think it’s always important to remember that the AIM of the matchmaking system is that you will lose 50% of your matches. If you’re stuck at 800 elo, sounds like you’re probably winning 50% of the time. Good job!

That said… I have the impression that the actual ability of players at all elos is getting better. So if you take a break and come back where you ‘were’ the ability of players around you will be higher. Just watch the low elo legend series to see sub 1k players now boar luring with TC fire etc, where a year ago the same elo would have looked a lot sloppier.

What I suspect is happening is that people are just a little better than you or you don’t realise how tough it looked on their side. I can imagine they would probably get crushed by someone 200 elo higher, I know I yoyo from 1250-1400.

If you are giving them grief in the game I can imagine that would lead to people griefing you back at the end.

You can also try playing at a different time of day if you can. Different players will be on at different times and less/more popular times might make better games for you.

Anyway, if you are getting smurfed that sucks and I hope it gets better for you.

All joking a side I don’t give grief in games I just like to play. I know some people use it to make people salty but I don’t.

Yes, it means “friend you?” The other player had such a good time playing, they are sending a friend request. A proper response is “Thanks. I also enjoyed playing today’s game.”


I would like to know how you know you are playing smurfs? Maybe you just had a bad game and oponent rly good one ? Im 1500 and back when i was like 1400 i had game vs 1800 (not ranked but tournament) and in my game one on arabia so not some cheese map he underestimated me and went for greedy drush FC and my maa archers and got quite advantage but around 30 min i eventualy lost my tempo advantage and in lategame i lost.

Point im trying to make is: there is simply big difference between best and worst games speciály if you dont one trick ponny one strat and civ.