Smurfs everywhere

We’re on it now. Every 2. game in team games around 2,2k to 2,5k one out of eight players smurfes.
Not exaggerating.
These accounts range up to stats like 177win / 28loss and stick on 1,4k elo. HOW?!?!

winning conditions became absolutely random since all u want is that smurf on your team so u dont lose so much elo

And i honestly dont feel like my reports towards that ever been seen or cared for.
The reporting system must be crap anyway since im still getting queued in the same team with people i reported and/or muted

The current TG ladder is broken and promotes smurfing.

This thread is full about all the issues around the TG ladder.

Your TG rating is currently meaningless. Teams are never be balanced. And it looks like the devs dont care at all, since they are aware of the issues, but just dont try to fix anything.

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