So about the new French HC card Ancien Régime

So the french have 4 hc cards to stack on natives and a couple more inf/cav combat cards to boot. The royal musketeer becomes an absolute beast with all 5 relevant cards stacked on it, and the royal dragoon has similar base damage and more hp/range than a maxed french goon with all 6 cards on it and takes only 1 pop.

Even with the build limits on royal musks/goons (15/20, respectively) thats still alot of power for very litlle popspace. Anyone figure out any new build orders to abuse this nonsense?

You miscounted.

Royal Musketeer only benefits from Team French auxiliaries, native warrior combat, Wilderness Warfare and Team ranged infantry damage, that’s 4.

Royal dragoon only benefits from Team French auxiliaries, native warrior combat, Wilderness Warfare and cavalry combat, that’s also 4.

Also the build limit for royal musketeer is 30 for the home city version 15 is for the royal palace version.

That’s not to say it isn’t a bad idea to go bourbon with french, especially if get native treaties with natives present on the map. And the native warriors cost discount might be good the muskeers since their coin cost is almost double that of regular musketeers.

The card that makes them cheaper is very good actually, you’re making them trade much more efficiently it’s basically a combat card.

I’m including Native Warriors for the -25% cost for both, but I did also add thoroughbreds to the goons list by accident - I was thinking of the maximum possible cards the french could stack on any unit, period.

Should I add native lore/treaties since a potential strat might go hard on map natives? Still feels pretty bad even with the extra incentive tho…

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I’d ditch the lore, I wouldn’t want to waste the card slot for something I can get without a card the mantlet shipment might be good though, also the 25 musketeer shipment doesn’t cost pop but it does count towards the build limit from those you can train with Ancien Regime.

As for treaties, I’d include it in one deck dis-include it in another becoz it’s map dependant.