So... how would be a perfect AOE according to your point of view?

Graphics and art style.
Mechanics and gameplay.
Epoch of argument and setting.


Graphics and art style is nice in the current version. I think a more realistic look is better. Espacially if you like to have realistic sounds, what the current version also did great.

For the mechanics I would like the fraction choice not before first aging for a deeper tactical progress. Now it is already flatten in the loading screen. The mechanic to choose the playstyle with aging is nice, it could also be adapted to upgrades, if a specific upgrade was researched another is closed. You could even switch back for additional costs to shuffle the teck tree up on situation. Maybe it would also be nice if deer or wolfs could respawn in forrests with certain density. I also would like wooden keeps. And I like other stuff … ^^

The game is Age of Empires. I am convinced you can find a lot of civs in history to use in game.

I think a lot is already said about interface and other stuff and I think the individualization possibilities is important key. Would be nice if you could build your interface, hotkeys or design elements like you need it.

…and more varity of certain building would be nice. To avoid this 6 times same barracks look.


…nobody is perfect ^^

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Pues gráficamente no se los gráficos del 3 me gustan pero mi pc no puede correrlo si no es en mínimo XD

en cuanto a mecánica y jugabilidad… bueno pues como es el age 3 PERO! que puedan regresarse los recursos al centro urbano como el age of empires 2 ( o al respectivo edificio económico) pero con las mecánicas de la metrópolis, incluso con los tps y mercados en el mapa repartidos en varios sitios como nodos comerciales, además de cambios de recursos, en las primeras 2 edades comenzar usando carbón oro comida etc y luego pasar a la electricidad el hierro el petróleo, abran recursos que no podrán reemplazarse como la comida, pero los nuevos recursos permitirán otro tipos de unidades.

época. donde se quedo el age 3 (1850-1879) comenzando desde el 1850 y finalizando en los 1920 ubicándose en el periodo de la época victoriana y la repartición de áfrica.

Físicas: bueno como las del age 3 pero con un poco mas de realismo cuando un cañón le dispare a una unidad… ( que vuele en pedazos xd)

Proporciones: bueno aquí no se realmente, no soy un experto en ello.
interfaz: tsss mejor le dejo eso a alguien que sepa mas… se soy muy malo pensando en este tipo de cosas xd

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A “new Empire Earth”

I want to nuke my enemies and not use terrestrial troops

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Shorter game length by having a good Drush and more meaningful micro.

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AOE:3:DE is the closest we will ever come to a perfect AOE.


Encourage players to move into the centre of the map more and fight over the scared sites.

The maps need to be better designed to allow open movement in the middle though.

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Depende como franquicia un AOE perfecto seria AOE 2 pero con civilizaciones del AOE 3, en lo personal un AOE 3 Perfecto seria simple y complejo a la vez, misma jugabilidad que los anteriores pero con innovaciones.

Por ejemplo mi mecánica favorita son las revoluciones en especial la revolución argentina, creo que si crearan un nuevo AOE debería tener revoluciones como subidas de edad alternativas.

Por ejemplo: España.

Cada revolución debería ofrecer unidades y mejoras única, las unidades deberían cambiar tanto de nombre como en aspecto al revolucionarte.

Yo dejaría el sistema de tarjetas pero limitaría algunas cosas.
Tarjetas de mejoras de unidades militares: Máximo 3 tarjetas
Tarjetas de mejoras de la economía: Máximo 3 tarjetas
Envío de unidades militares: Máximo 18 tarjetas
Tarjeta única de la civilización: Máximo 1 tarjetas

Para mi cada civilización debería contar como varias, pero ser lo suficiente mente parecidas para que con dominar una domines todas.

Tendría que tener complejidad gracias a la tarjeta únicas de cada civilización, que te daría un edificio único que puede beneficiarte económicamente o militarmente (las revoluciones tendrían un edificio distinto)

El sistema militar de AOE 2 Seria perfecto para este AOE 4.2
Las unidades tendría exactamente las mismas estadísticas y mejoras, pero las cartas te darían ventaja que dependiendo de que quieras hacer (Rush, FF, FI, Tratado, Etc) podrían romper el empate de poder.

¿Te gusta mi idea? ¿Qué te gustaría quitar o agregar?

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Medieval era is my favorite era, but I’d like to see the next game in ancient/roman times. Would be cool to see different units like chariots, heavy infantry with spears, lots of elephants.

The battlefield has more interesting ways of operating

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Given infinite time to prepare for both civ, one civ should not be able to take down just because of being that civ. Currently some civs have ridiculous advantage at late-game. Here is what can be done to fix:

  1. There should always be an effective or mildly effective (not equal) counter to every unique unit other civs may have.
  2. There should always be at-least one market for each player they can secure to start trading very late game. Relics and Sacred sites serve purpose but not every civ has equal opportunity to contest that.
  3. Game should not have unnecessary micro. Especially buildings micro, like issue with TC targeting rams etc.
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Generally I would really be fond of a game that is somewhere in between Empire Earth and the current Aoe4.

Leave everything in Aoe4 as it is now except for:

  • Getting rid of the 100 % hit rate of bows and decrease hit rate of mangonels (maybe even anything that can shoot)
  • Town centers can’t shoot arrows anymore but still are able to garrison villagers and army
  • Towers and other buildings can still shoot but can be dodged by very good micro management
  • Make all landmarks viable on multiple map types and civ match ups
  • Decreased map sizes for team games (mainly affects 3v3 and 4v4 team games)
  • Increased game pace (could become obsolete with more micro already being added to the game though)

Those changes would imo also allow more aggressive playstyles in dark age which is pretty much non-existent at the moment. Furthermore, finishing a game in feudal age without building rams would finally be possible which is a big blow atm for me.

Imo this would result in a pretty much perfect game, where both aggressive and defensive playstyles are rewarded and where players who want to end a game within 10 minutes if they are clearly better than their opponent can do so, without being forced to build rams but create a wide range of units. With many defensive abilities still remaining (many many more than on Empire Earth), people that enjoy defensive playstyle and longer games would still come at their expenses.

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putamare españa como siempre descomponiendose en 43 estados JAJAJ , na enserio muy buen concepto :+1:

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Gracias al expansionismo español en las américas, podría tener la mayor cantidad de revoluciones, pero la idea principal es que casi todas las civilizaciones tengan revoluciones como método alternativo para avanzar de edad. :slightly_smiling_face:

Gracias intente que fuera un concepto familiar pero interesante.

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I don’t know about the higher ranks but in the lower ranks so far, just about every opponent I face is trying to rush me. It would be nice if rushing wasn’t so easy to do…