So HRE... who wants to start?

I will ask a question.
Did no one do a 6 minute castle in PUP update and if they did does this mean devs are pushing to get to castle as fast as possible for HRE?

because, 8 minute castle I can defend and it’s a game but castle in 6 minutes is just a waste of time, surrender and move on. Actually, I won one game cuz the opponent didn’t go for Burg Palace for castle.

Why have ages just start them in castle at this point.


No one did 6 min fast castle. Its 6 min and some seconds to drop the landmark and finishes around 7 min. In my personal opinion there was no need to buff hre in this patch. Devs are just 1 step behind figuring out balancing issues.

I guess you don’t listen to casts and don’t know what it means to castle. they are talking about when you drop the monument. the point is it’s ridiculous and so is your moot point.

Depends on the map.
If you have deer spawn close to your base, such as in the new map the pit or especially black forest and hill n dale.

You can hit 6 min castle age. 8 min imperial if you go for swabia.

Put the aachen chapel ontop and boom.
Ignore going for wood

I haven’t practiced intentionally, but I can still save enough resources to age3 before 6:20 as usual, it’s really fast indeed.

If you are French, you can still deal with it. Your knight can reach HRE’s home when his villagers are building the landmark in half process, so it is just OK to me, for now.

However, I have to admit, this will be a nightmare for those nations which are not good at fast attack.
Like Chinese, if they don’t intend to do TR, HRE will already reach age3 and collect relics all around (and build a tower at that location then just put the relic in) when they are just enter the Song dynasty.
Going TR will be the only choice when Chinese facing the HRE.

And same situation will happen to English (but better than Chinese I guess).
Going farming is absolutly suicide. Their longbow are also not good at assault HRE’s villagers who are building the landmark under the fire power of TC, and they are also not good at destroy or avoid the wall.
So TR will be the only choice to you. By the way, is that feasible to go MAA attack in age1? I haven’t tried it.

Maybe we really need to consider how to appropriately reduce the speed of HRE’s reaching age3 without compromising its survivable ability.


Wow, I’ve seen someone did it, 6 mins castle. You have to drive deers to close your TC.

Beasty did a 9:22 imp so yeah, horribly over buffed. Part of the problem is the a-move bug with prelates but still (why can they never properly implement something the first time).


What is a-move bug???

Do the devs actually have someone for unit testing? This is just ridiculous tbh. They will of course take it back after some time but who on earth makes up those decisions? It takes a few hours for players to figure out that recent buffs make HRE a completely broken civ on certain maps.

I mean that’s something that is very very easy to test. There’s lots of other balance changes that should be way harder to test and if they didn’t even bother to test the easy ones …

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This is what tells me they don’t give a fk about the game. Like who the hell would nerf the rams and then give a civ opportunity to race to castle without making a single army unit, mind you this is a Civ that gives you castle units in feudal?

The logic is just so garbage that it makes you wonder if anyone is actually doing any thinking ?


Literally every game I played today was against HRE (5 games already)

I go random each game because I like to play the hand I’m dealt and learn the civs, but ■■■■■■■■ it’s just boring playing against HRE all the time.

I’m not gonna play ranked until HRE is put back in place again. I save myself the pain.
I was a main china for 8 months. Going to main Delhi for season II.
But with HRE castling before Delhi sancity coming in i’m not gonna bother.

Edit: typo’s>big thumps, small phone

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I got an idea. I had promised myself to never cheese but I guess HRE from here on will get stone tower rushed every game. Welcome to the New Delhi.


ranked ladder is full of HRE mirrors now

what a sad state of affairs, i login every day after work when wife and kids have gone to sleep. only to get matched against low level HRE lamers. i dodge them until i get locked out of the queue for 24 hours. i come back the next day only to dodge these HRE lamers and get locked out of the queue for another 24 hours. also most of windows store and game pass players cant play because they are stuck at the loading screen. idk when this game will be playable.

I don’t know your ranks guys, but, it should not matter more the skill than the civ in the no pro rank ladder?

I only play Abbasid in ranked, which is the worst win rate civ and I won 5/6 matches for the moment, playing mostly against french and hre.