So, I noticed this graphical glitch -

his name is blocked because momma didn’t raise no snitch.

Regardless, I don’t usually care about a player’s level, because you can grind on easy AI and get masteries, but how does one accomplish this? I’m not the greatest of players, but in custom matches, people don’t want 40+ playing in some. Sooo, I would like to know if anyone’s seen anything like this?

As you can see, he has 1 star below his portrait but is well over level 100. I’ve had him on my friend’s list since a week after release, and have seen his progress, but I figured his stars would go up (unless they prestige or something, i dunno)

Any insight to this would be appreciated. Thanks =)

Notice the arrows on top.
3 of them means above level 60
5 of them means above level 120
As soon you reach :
level 60: 3 arrows
level 70: 3 arrows, 1 star
level 80: 3 arrows, 2 stars

level 110: 3 arrows, 4 stars,
level 120: 5 arrows, 0 stars,
level 130: 5 arrows, 1 star

:slight_smile: (arrows, or points… not sure what to call them.)


ooooohhhh, ■■■■. Thank you very much. =) I hadn’t noticed (They might need to make those more pronounced tbh)

But, mystery solved, thank you.

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That’s pretty confusing, though :sweat_smile:
I also think the style and color of the borders change, but not sure