So many connection issues since Dawn of Dukes

Is it just me or is everyone else also experiencing massive issues trying to connect to a ranked game since Dawn of the Dukes was launcehd? Almost every time I want to start a game I get an error. What’s going on?


I just reported the same issue. I hope they can get this fixed as soon as possible.

Yes, not getting into queue, queue not working, errors in the queue and on top of that half the time the game’s result doesn’t seem to change the rating…


I’ve been having similar problems. Worst is when I try hosting and it won’t start, then if i cancel the lobby and rehost the game gets stuck loading and i have to restart not just the game but steam.

The problem is global,all habe issues with matches,desconecction and more.Duwn of the dukes broken the game only we van wait for a hotfix

Mutiplayer is unplayable right now. You sometimes wait 20-30 minutes for a game and then somebody just drops. 1 time my game closed as well for no reason.

I always read so many bugfixes with every patch but i feel like it’s getting worse every day