So many laggers in ranked

It’s becoming so frustrating, the only reason I started playing ranked months ago was because you have to test your computer before you can play it so it would mean less likely to be paired with lagging players but recently I’ve been encountering one or more laggers in almost 70% of games.

So what’s the point of the performance test if it’s not doing it’s intended job? so annoying.


I think it just checks if you can play. It doesn’t check for a level that leaves out lag. Also part of the problem is where the other person is from and how fast their internet is. Its a bit different then overall performance.

Performance test is for the hardware, but internet and bad servers are not covered. Depending when you play you may be having issues because of the distance… You may be getting the India server, but if there is someone from Argentina or Canada, they will have lag to play on that server.

I thought the whole point of taking away peer hosted games was to eliminate the lag. I know that the game is capable of moving on without me for several seconds, so I am confused as to why the performance of individual players computers/internet has any impact at all on other players. I feel like it should be classified as a bug if this happens.


It is the same since the original game release, the code is the same, they would need to redo the game entirely, which wont happen, wait for aoe 4

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I’ve always thought a server region selection could help this big time?

Try picking a specific server

How do you do that? didn’t know you could, thanks

You can’t pick a specific server when you play ranked, regardless the issue is not internet lag. it’s hardware lag. as far as I know when the clock next to people’s names changes to red or yellow it means their hardware is lagging. I’ve played with people from everywhere all over the world in one game like Asia, South America, Europe and North America and the game didn’t lag. I don’t think latency is the issue.


it sucks one or two people can bring the lobby down like that


ranked 1vs1 is very different from franked 4vs4.

WRONG, i have ryzen 7, rx 5700 and 150 mb internet, despite that i get yellow clock.

It is the servers that adds more lag, i found out that if you are playing with more than 210 ping you will get the yellow clock eventually even the red one and the game will lag badly.(despite the fps are still above 60)

I have terrible lag with the server in brazil, UK and india.

They need to add a server selection in ranked. I’d rather wait 10-15 minutes for a better quality game.

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Yeah, when i am playing against a guy in south america, the match making always picks brazil server, while i get 200+ ping in that server my opponent gets 50 ping, how is that fair?

I know microsoft has more servers specially in central america to reduce such situation, cause i see those servers while playing HALO on my pc, why don’t we have all those extra servers available?

The server and the algorithm has to chose the best server for both not the server in the middle with such ping differences.

though you are right about the server being poop, zen and zen+ CPU are kinda poop especially with lower frequency, they are a match for sandy/ivybridge in terms of IPC which is like 9-10 years old, especially if it only runs around 3 to 3.5ghz yellow clock is guaranteed.

Really? I am from Brazil and I can play US and EU servers with 100-130 ping. It only gets laggy when Asia is added to the mix.

What are you talking about? Zen ipc is equal to intel 6th gen, zen+ is on par with 7th-8th gen, but the frequency is lower, way lower, zen2 is higher than intel 9th gen so what’s your point and zen3 is the IPC champ nowadays, remember IPC has to be measured in 3.5 or 4.0 GHz locked not with the boost frequency.

The game shouldn’t even display a yellow clock if the fps are still above 60(locked fps), i know the game had another symbol to show internet lag but it was never added to the final version, that yellow clock on my end has nothing to do with hardware or bandwidth limitations, just crappy servers.

you’re way off bruh. gotta fact check again, u’d be dreaming to hope that zen and zen+ would be close to skylake. even though intel hasnt improved much from 2nd to 9th gen, zen and zen+ is like poop performance.

zen2 and beyond is where its at, everything else is like acceptable per core IPC especially comes to this game that only uses 1-2 cores and where frequency matters a lot more.

forgot to mention my ryzen is a 3700x, so basically all my hardware is 1 year newer than the game itself and it display lags 11, have a good day sir.

so there is your problem you dont even know your own hardware. 3700x is zen2, not zen or zen+