I’ve been learning the units and the build order and the hotkeys, etc.

Have started playing at intermediate. This is only the 2nd level.

The AI has SO MANY FREAKING UNITS. How do they build up these huge armies???

I’m playing on the fourth level on AOE3 but can’t win a fight on the second level on AOE4?

Intermediate is normal and the AI booms a lot, don’t let it boom so much or else at game time it goes over you…

Don’t let it boom? I was chasing one of their raiders to their settlement, their entire army followed me all the way home and burned my city to the ground.

In AoE3 one barracks is often enough to train all the units you need.
In AoE4 you need to build a lot more production buildings very early in the game.

maybe these charts can help you

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Too bad…it can happen…

And that’s not counting the batch creation…