So, Relic is moving on to something new, while World's Edge is procrastinating?!

Including the Red Bull, Wololo and so on tournaments made the audience. YouTubers make content with matches attracting people, attracting advertisers, attracting money. The first Russian organization of players in AoE 2 was created, so yes, it was the active promotion of esports that helped popularize the game, look at AoE 3 and 1.

No, AOE2 have been saved by modders, content creatore, DLC, missions, scenarios and skirmish. Multiplayer scene Is a Little percent.

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Even by Starcraft2, the most money did come from Campaigns and co-op Commanders.

Where were those people as Age of Empires 2 HD was launched 2013?

Red Bull Wololo started 2020

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The evidence is in the studio, it’s just unfounded. I see the results of promoting the sports scene and how the audience grows in proportion to this success.

E-Sport undeniably helps to grant a game more visibility. Ladder anxiety and a pure focus on only one game mode, may it be SP or MP, isn’t helpful for a game’s growth.

It would e.g. be extremely helpful for AOE4 if it would come with Coop missions/scenarios/campaigns at start, considering how many RTS enthusiasts enjoy playing together rather than against somebody.

Anyway, success of a RTS game is like some kind of multifactorial equations which changes while you try to solve it. It’s almost a impossible task to do and to be honest, I think a lot of luck was involved into making AOE2 the game it is nowadays.

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And for those people Who Think i’m going yo hate the AOE4’s Graphic Is not the Truth.

This Is my last post on the 'merged graphic thread"

These are the modes where 500 people sit in a room? This is a very small part of the community, compared to 200k 1x1 matches in the ladder.

Source, please? Steam stats are Saying another thing.

A lot of people are not taking into account of those on the Microsoft Store and those who play with cheats. Me personally I enjoy campaign content. I will typically buy any DLC that not only comes with new civs but also SP content. I’m a sucker for new stories.

We don’t know and probably won’t know the full figures but much of the silent majority would typically play skirmish and the occasional campaign when you think about it.

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My source is the views of the broadcasts and the number of audiences on video hosting sites, before the start of the active promotion of the sport, AoE 2 was not needed by anyone, I do not think that it could be found in the top online Steam, or higher than StarCraft 2 on Twitch.

People Who are watching videos Will not nevessarly be Buyers. So it’s not a good metric.

3,5 milions of views but It solds only 500000 copies. So you could understand how visualizations don’t mean “sold copies”.

AOE2 now has several competitive events because it has already got good nostalgia and a solid playerbase (not the other way round), which revived back in 2013 with the release of HD, which was the result of a popular mod.
These factors contribute to each other but it didn’t start from competitive 1v1. An active competitive 1v1 community exists as the result of a solid mass of casual players on single player contents (casual multiplayer is not much different from single player).


So you don’t associate the growth in views and the popularity of the game with the growth in sales? This is serious? LoL, I’m starting to think it’s just trolling. It is obvious.

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I agree with @ArrivedLeader22 that it’s a mix of various elements which make an RTS successful as a whole.

To reply to the topic, I don’t think World Edge is procrastinating. Sure, they could show us more, but you can’t say continuous support for the DE’s (sorry AOE1) is what I’d call procrastinating.

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pparently the money for the tournaments is allocated by itself and a convenient interface for commentators has appeared on its own. This is definitely not Microsoft’s plan to popularize the game. In AoE 2 HD, they also played, something did not give a damn about everyone and there was no movement. The Publisher has a plan to promote the game, they execute it, that’s all.

Blizzard already said multiple times that Co-op commander is their most played mode, and it’s matchmaking is way faster than the ladder. I can confirm myself because the last time I played competitive SC2 took me minutes to find a match(It was years ago), and Co-op I played yesterday and took seconds. You don’t have to believe me of course, but StarCraft 2 is free to play in both modes right now so you can give a try. Co-op is really fun.

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No, you are trolling because you are saying that stream views Will mean more sold copies. This Is a wrong point of view.

Dawn of War 3 Is a good example: Great franchise, milion of fans, milion of views for the trailer announcement and sold copies not so good.


Im so sad watching this video again, personally I like DoW 3, I wish I had more updates, still having fun in comp stomp sometimes.

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Statistics for 1x1 games in StarCraft 2

Great trailer: i was so hyped for that game.

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