So, Relic is moving on to something new, while World's Edge is procrastinating?!

First of all, the Steam/MS storefront hasn’t been updated with an explanation of what the heck deluxe edition contains, in detail. Still. I mean, c’mon. Some of us know what those deluxe edition items are because we watch your streams and then we told as many people as we could in the forums. But, here is the deal- we are not your interns, who are ready to explain things. We are your customers. Kindly update your store pages!

Next, I think the World’s Edge needs to start actively engage on genuine topics such as regional pricing, or topics that ask hard questions such as bad animations. Otherwise, expect the same repetitive “graphics are bad, and 60 dollars is mad” topics. Forum moderators can only do so much, you have to provide clarity by providing announcements. Just because some of us have a cover art of AoE games don’t pretend we are your radical fanatics. We like some of your products. That’s all.

Finally, Relic entertainment is moving on to its next project. They gonna tease something (probably CoH 3) tomorrow at 1 PM EDT. As far as I know, they have about 300 employees (I believe this # includes non-developers too). This game is not even out yet. There is no news about a public beta. So care to explain who the heck gonna take care of the leftover work (I know the game is finished, but I sure know it ain’t fully polished yet). And who’s gonna maintain the game post-launch?! Even if they get help from SEGA, Relic still be 3/4 focusing on their next project (even though I think their next project was probably under construction alongside AoE 4). So is it Forgotten Empires, World’s Edge, or some other company to who you gonna give 5-years of a contract?! Please clarify.

Such a shame you guys are not communicating. Supposed to be an AoE franchise caretaker, eh?! Then start acting like one World’s Edge.


See this is the thing I have been wanting from World’s Edge. But nope! ZERO engagement from them. Relic has come out and explained a hot topic, but where are you World’s Edge?! It is also a bit unfair that Relic did no such thing for Age IV (probably because they were hired as consultants?!).


I’m quite sure they have 2 teams, they even said so at one point, one of the teams is working on AoE4 and the other one on another project (probably CoH3). The team working on AoE4 will continue to do so until way after release (again confirmed by Relic in an interview) and might probably work afterwards on expansions too.


Two reasons that are likely both partially true:

  1. Relic likely always had two teams working on the different games.
  2. You need different people in different phases of game development, that means the some people already did their job on AoE4 and now move on to CoH3 because they aren’t the ones who can do bug fixing and balancing.

This announcement might just be a Expansion for CoH2 though. We’ll find out later today.
We don’t know at what stage of development the project is, it might be an early announcement. Remember AoE4 was announced in 2017 and we had the first trailer in 2019, now it’s 2021.
What ever they show today will likely not release before the end of 2022.


I dont see how any of your points is anything but a useless and wrong thesis :smiley:
they have 2 teams at relic, and noone is procrastinating :smiley:


I would like to write something original, but I will have to repeat the previous messages. Relic is a fairly large developer studio, this is not an indie team, of course they have several groups that are working on different projects (By the way, we are really looking forward to a new RTS from them, it’s interesting to see.), A contract has been signed with Relic according to which they will continue to work on AoE 4, do not forget that Forgotten Empires and World’s Edge are also working on AoE 4 and on the entire series in particular, which have made excellent remasters so far and have shown that they can successfully support games. So the fears are unfounded.


From the IGN official channel:
"Join IGN as we announce a highly anticipated new game. There will be tons of news, gameplay, interviews, and a developer Q&A while playing the game live. "

They seriously show CoH3 gameplay BEFORE AoE4? AoE4 is just a side project for Relic to keep them busy while preparing for the main show.


TBF, we have seen AoE 4 gameplay too.


A few days ago i noticed the messed up staff who did AoE2 DE: Game credits

I wouldn’t wonder if a contract with Relic ran out, and Relic want’s to get the hell out of there.

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And while you are talking about support:

The game will be released unfinished, like all the Definitive Editions so far, I am pretty sure about that.
And if it doesn’t sell as expected, there will be zero support.
Then you will be stuck with the release version + some minor hotfixes, which are not enough to get things to work. (Just like AoE1 DE)

It’s Company of Heroes 3.

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I’m now concerned if they show a lot of gameplay for COH3 what does that mean for AoE4? rip…


If this Is the graphic engine for the game, you’ll probably understand why people are angry for the AOE4’s Graphic


Exactly that. Rip…

But it was to be expected in the first place.

It’s the Cinematic Trailer. Though the gameplay looks really good:

It kinda seems that AOE4 was just some kind of sideproject for Relic though :frowning:

I know COH3 is a RTT and not exactly the same genre as AOE, but look at this:

Looks better than AOE4 IMO.


Yes, but if you look at the attack on Village, it seems the engine capture and the graphic Is a lot Better than AOE4.

As i said before i’ m pretty sure the best Relic’s team Is on Company of Heroes because this Is their IP.

I don’t see a good future for AOE4.


A lot Better.

On One side you have a brillant game with unRealistic units and Buildings: on the other side brillant game with a REALISTIC ELEMENTS: this Is the difference.

This Is the main reason due i started the “merged graphic thread”: i’ve been waiting for something like what we seeing on COH 3


I have got a feeling they will kill their own project by announcing another project of their own… Way to go Relic! Let’s hope they still can prove us wrong, I hope so.


Actually the CoH fans are generally complaining about it the other way around, they are saying it looks bad (just like CoH2, a CoH2 mod, no improvement etc) and most of Relic’s focus is on AoE4.

I guess people are just randomly negative about everything these days.


hey, it seems relic isnt responsible for age 4 beta. Thats how its done, check out a part of the game a year before release to gather feedback.

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looks basically exactly like the age 4 castle shot to me. Great.

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