So, Relic is moving on to something new, while World's Edge is procrastinating?!

People Who are watching videos Will not nevessarly be Buyers. So it’s not a good metric.

3,5 milions of views but It solds only 500000 copies. So you could understand how visualizations don’t mean “sold copies”.

AOE2 now has several competitive events because it has already got good nostalgia and a solid playerbase (not the other way round), which revived back in 2013 with the release of HD, which was the result of a popular mod.
These factors contribute to each other but it didn’t start from competitive 1v1. An active competitive 1v1 community exists as the result of a solid mass of casual players on single player contents (casual multiplayer is not much different from single player).


So you don’t associate the growth in views and the popularity of the game with the growth in sales? This is serious? LoL, I’m starting to think it’s just trolling. It is obvious.

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I agree with @ArrivedLeader22 that it’s a mix of various elements which make an RTS successful as a whole.

To reply to the topic, I don’t think World Edge is procrastinating. Sure, they could show us more, but you can’t say continuous support for the DE’s (sorry AOE1) is what I’d call procrastinating.

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pparently the money for the tournaments is allocated by itself and a convenient interface for commentators has appeared on its own. This is definitely not Microsoft’s plan to popularize the game. In AoE 2 HD, they also played, something did not give a damn about everyone and there was no movement. The Publisher has a plan to promote the game, they execute it, that’s all.

Blizzard already said multiple times that Co-op commander is their most played mode, and it’s matchmaking is way faster than the ladder. I can confirm myself because the last time I played competitive SC2 took me minutes to find a match(It was years ago), and Co-op I played yesterday and took seconds. You don’t have to believe me of course, but StarCraft 2 is free to play in both modes right now so you can give a try. Co-op is really fun.

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No, you are trolling because you are saying that stream views Will mean more sold copies. This Is a wrong point of view.

Dawn of War 3 Is a good example: Great franchise, milion of fans, milion of views for the trailer announcement and sold copies not so good.


Im so sad watching this video again, personally I like DoW 3, I wish I had more updates, still having fun in comp stomp sometimes.

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Statistics for 1x1 games in StarCraft 2

Great trailer: i was so hyped for that game.

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Im not saying Mp is dead, I’m saying that Co-op is very much alive.

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I say logical facts and how the modern industry works, if you don’t like something, alas, you have to put up with it, you live in such a world.

But it is dangerous to enter this field, since I doubt that you are a real fan of Warhammer 40k and play a board game, because it is these “good fans” who ruined DoW 3, in general, among the players of such Warhammer, the DoW series is despised quite strongly for deviations from lore.

There was the backlash about power armor but most of it was gameplay wise, specially the victory condition that people accused of be too much Dota-like. But it was more than that, the lack of content with a kind ok but not at all replayable campaign, few skirmish and mp maps, having to unlock doctrines and heroes, lack of factions.
And the most important at least in my opinion, is that Dow 1 and 2 each other play very different, and Dow 3 also trying a new style different from both games, so fan from both games wanted that their gameplay was in Dow 3 and both disliked the gameplay of Dow 3, that wasn’t bad, I thought with support and time people was going to appreciate it, but sadly the plug was cut very fast, and I don’t think it was because it sold poorly, I think it was because it love playerbase super fast.

All the players of the board game made fun of the game, the names of the orders, the rubber primarch, the Astartes ballerinas, and so on, the feces on the forums boiled very thickly and for a long time. The game was abandoned. I’m not talking about the fact that you should not say at the meeting of Warhammer 40k fans that you play DoW, they will laugh.

PS I do not encourage this, it is terrible. The Warhammer 40k community is full of toxic geeks who throw mud at everything related to DoW 2-3

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Again, it’s the other way round. They would not promote a game without a solid (potential) playerbase. I think that’s obvious if you know

Especially for a decades-old game. There is no point to spend a lot in promoting it without a solid playerbase.
Even for the players who are “attracted” by the new competitive events, many still do not jump into esports at all.

And DoW3 is also despised by the “bad fans” of DoW1 and DoW2 who were okay with the deviation from the lore. Guess why?

The game attracted a huge number of new young people who are not connected with the old versions in any way, it is on young and new players that the RTS is kept

Tell it to Winchester

Probably because this is a feature of the DoW series, the fans of the first part despised the second, the fans of the second and the first despised the third, plus there are players of the board game who despise everyone, as a result, the group of discontent on the third part was the biggest, but the geeks hate the entire DoW series completely.

I really have the Impression AoE4 goes into DOW3 direction.

Let this sink in, from all the Warhammer 40K games out there, the DoW3 team was the only ever, that did mess up the lore so hard, that even an average Warhammer fans did notice, who don’t care about the lore and just want good games and accept necessary compromises.

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Not at all, AoE has no lore, which is carefully guarded by mad fans, so the games here are not at all similar.


Our lore are history books


The reason is:

Imagine the publishers suddenly announced a competitive event in 2019 out of no where (skipping the entire forgotten mod, HD and the three expansions after it). How many would be attracted then?

But DoW1 and DoW2 still received very well on their own, which means they have their own solid groups of people to cater for.
If you cannot attract die-hard lore geeks, you can attract traditional RTS players.
If you cannot attract traditional RTS players, you can still attract COH-like “unconventional” RTS players.
If you cannot attract any of them, you fail. And that’s what happened to DoW3.

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