So that's just it for AOE1:DE buyers?

It still feels quite a disservice to AOE1DE buyers who were long waiting for Indo-Aryan/Barbarian or major overhaul. But nothing in that regard. I’m somewhat surprised that people in the forums are not talking about how they are selling the game for 3rd time.


I agree. I hesitate to buy a DLC a lot because in past I bought AOE DE in sales for 5 EUR. AOE DE hasn’t got any support for years by devs. Now should I buy DLC AOE 1 for 12,5 EUR (!) for the second time with little appended feautures (1 civ, 3 campaigns, gates,…)? By the way AOE 2 i bought in sales for 5 EUR. DLC Rome for AOE2 is very overpriced especially for AOE DE players and I feel to be cheated.


These DLCs with each subsequent announcement discourage me more and more from buying it.

It’s getting more and more disappointing every day - this will be the worst DLC in the history of the AoE series.


By the way, I’m afraid that this DLC may be the beginning of adding more and more strange DLCs to AoE 2. I won’t be surprised if they make a DLC about Star Wars etc. instead of normal DLC.

People have been talking about that a lot already.
Also AoE2 was also sold 3 times, same with AoM soon.


The difference is that the 90’s versions were so long ago that they shouldn’t be counted as “next sales” - I would only count those that are available for digital sale.

AoE 2 was sold twice in digital distribution. The HD version is just the original AoE 2 from the 90s, but with higher resolution support and DLCs. The Definitive Edition offers a modernization of this game (it is definitely more comfortable for young players than the HD version).

A similar place is with AoE 3. AoE 3 in digital distribution was also sold twice. The 2007 version is the classic AoE 3, while the Definitive Edition offers a modernization and correction of the oversights of the classic version.

The situation is completely different with AoE 1, which until the release of AoE 1 Definitive Edition was not available for sale at all. Since no HD version of this game was made (which now turns out to be a bad thing) the Definitive Edition should be constantly improved. The mistake of the creators was that they created a new AoE 1 from scratch, but keeping the errors of the classic version - no Gates, etc.

Therefore, AoE 1 as DLC for AoE 2 is a scandal. Not only have the developers abandoned AoE 1 Definitive Edition, but they are also selling this game for the second time as DLC for AoE 2 because it sells better and is more popular - for me it’s a cash grab. What Return of Rome offers should be included in AoE 1 Definitive Edition right away, or be part of an update or alternative game mode.

I won’t buy this DLC because it is actually contempt for AoE 1. What will be the next DLC for AoE 2?
AoE 3 content???, AoM content???

I will not be surprised that in some time AoE 2 will turn into a monster that is a launcher for strange games inside the game - AoE 2: Return of Jedi, AoE 2: Return of Hobbit or AoE 2: Return of My Little Pony.


Imagine you want to play AoE 2 DE in the future, and there’s a huge popup prompting you to buy Minecraft DLC.

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HD and 3DE still has quite a lot to offer. But Return To Rome? Logically this is what we wanted for 1DE at first place. We deserve long awaited free update to 1DE to 2DE which DLC is offering but nothing in regard, Even a cheap update to 2DE is something but this is a scam. So promising us not abandoning 1DE was nothing but a lie?


I remember that for Rome Total War remastered, owners of the OG on Steam had a discount on it. They should have done the same here.


Same for AOE2DE for owners of the HD edition.


there was a discount like HD players to move. Think had to pay -5$ less or maybe 15% or something but reasonable enough. Then again enough contents to justify it for.


Its even worse as an AoEDE owner if you don’t own AoE2DE yet.

Very scummy. Thank you Microsoft for being thoughtful as always. :clown_face:


They should keep option for AOE1DE only buyers and make them not access to AOE2DE but we know at the end of the day money talks.

One solution would be like in the Total War Warhammer series : if you buy a DLC for one game, it’s unlocked for the others if this faction is on the map. Which would unlock the Lac Viet for AOE1 not-so-definitive-edition.

(The campaigns would not be compatible though so you’d only get part of the content)

It is good IF the devs continue imrpoving, patching and developing it. Listening to the AOE1 community.

If they just blurt this DLC and are done with it forever, then it wouldn’t be good.

One feature I would like are the AOE1 de graphics for Berries, mines, trees, grass clumps, cactuses, desert patches etc. in the future. Copy-pasta of AOE2 terrain is dissapointing.


Indeed why not use the AoEDE terrains? Such a weird move…


it was the same if you owned aoe3 og on steam when buying DE

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Because AoE1DE has barely any variety. Using AoE2 terrain allows for a lot more different looking maps.
Also reduces file size of the DLC, something surprisingly many people care about.
And I think a lot of people just prefer the looks of the AoE2 terrain.


It does not have much variety because it never got additional new terrains. But more importantly the overall look is too much like AoE2. Why not have both? That would be ideal. It’s real strange they totally omitted that, likewise having no discount for AoEDE owners is just a slap in the face.


You’re selling a game for the third time with the QoL features and pathfinding that should’ve already been in the Definitive Edition’s release.
And now, not even a discount for AoE:DE owners? It does feel very scammy indeed. Bravo, Microsoft