So, the game offers nothing to single players

It has been 1.5 years since the release but AI is still very bugged. I tried both easy and intermediate AI. It attacks in small groups in the beginning of the game. It pushes you hard. But it is like a guerilla warfare.

After 30-40 minutes pass and the both civs got beyond castle age, the AI just produces like 25-30 military units, even it has lots of resources. So you cannot fight as two big armies as it should be.

I think the devs rather take the online game into consideration and single player is not that important for them.


No. The game added two new civs last year and they are not exclusive to multiplayers. This also includes masteries for the two new civs. Also the civs are very diverse and you can play around with them for quite a long time. And the campaigns are really good with great documentaries.
The developers listen to all kinds of players, multiplayer and single player alike. They will eventually make their own decisions about priorities, but it’s not that they do not care about single players at all. They care. They care so much. But they are also under pressure of many other things. You cannot say they do not care because they didn’t make the exact change you want.

I wholeheartedly agree with you that the game needs better AI and more single player contents, but to say it offers “nothing” to single players is unfair.

Predicted by ChatGPT.


Yo you text that or ChatGPT?

dunno if its a ironic joke or today retractor to aoe4 critics are getting advanced stuff to not waste time

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I am seriously considering uninstalling it. I almost don’t play it anymore and I don’t even enjoy it…


There’s little replayability for the offline, single player audience. I agree.

Even the new civs exhaust their novelty after a while. The AI is bad and predictable, the campaign was underwhelming and devoid of any replayability, the world and biomes are empty, static and lack life and updates with new content are not that frequent to keep us hooked.


FWIW, I do find the AI challenging to deal with at Intermediate to higher level. Though maybe that’s because it tends to raid me while I’m still focused on my economy.

The problem with AI difficulty in general is that with little of gameplay, their real names come to be:

  • Easy is “Baby”,
  • Intermediate is “Easy”
  • Hard is “Normal begginer player”,
  • Hardest is “Cheater player”.

The scale of difference between Hard and Hardest is ridiculously extreme and I understand why that puts off single-mode players, me included.

At least in “old Hardest("truly Hard difficult") it was fun to some extent, because the AI didn’t make coded mistakes, it continuously trained villagers and made armies according to their civ.

  • To people who recently start the game and don’t know about the Hardest Issue.- is that since near the end of the 3rd season, the devs came up with the idea of modifying the Hardest difficulty to make it more difficult. But to do so, they make it a cheater and now Hardest IA Villagers collect 200% more resources. This has been widely repudiated in the community and there are several issues, “enough” already referring to it, so much so that the devs promised to revert it, probably the next patch.

SOLUTIONS SO FAR.- The only solution at the moment to play with the hardest Old AI lies in some recent Mods:

  • One of them is the "Hardest 40% resources rate". I’ve tried it and it’s fine, it’s fun and not an AI cheater that spawns 30 knights at 10 minutes, which even the Conqueror Top wouldn’t be able to do because they don’t use cheats.
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Id like to see a conquest mode that has replay value.

Something like heros of might and magic with a generated map. So its different everytime.


quantity of single player content wasn’t really an issue right at launch, replayability tho, absolutely, to me, might just be personal experience, missions in aoe4 campaigns play as game telling you exactly what to do, in prior entries you were dropped some objectives to follow, but never given the exact path right at the start, some repetition did occur at times, but for the most part, you wouldn’t finish the same level the same way twice in most cases, not all ofc, but most, back to aoe4, here the game doesn’t leave much room for improvising, if anything you’re encouraged to do very specific things in very specific order, kinda similar to the more repetitive missions for older games, but key difference is the following: in older games, those missions were an exception to the rule, here they are the main thing, 4 has some more replayable scenarios, but i’d struggle to list more than second norman mission and 2 or at best 3 more

edit: also copy pasting the same mission 4 times in a row for multiple campaigns in their second halves will hurt replay value, they just end up feeling as being there just to meet the quantity requirement and nothing more

If you need a worthy opponent go quick match 1v1 vs real player. It is still like single player. As long as you have internet access there should no reason not to do it. Then think of your human opponent as an improved AI. I can understand if someone complains about a bad AI when he does not have the option of playing against other peoole but can’t really understand who does not want to face a human opponent and prefers a stupid machine maybe to beat it up easy mode but then why complain about the AI being dumb?

We will have one fewer player not a big deal.

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What are you smoking all standard maps are generated. And if you want a randomly generated map with a big variance in what it gives we have had MegaRandom for a long time already.

Here comes another one who thinks all SP players need a worthy opponent.

As a single player user, I just want a better AI. I don’t want worthy opponents because I don’t EVER want to touch MP. Good campaign missions, good AI and I’m all set.

If that means this game isn’t for me, so be it.


Why does it matter to you if the opponent is a human or a smarter AI. Humans are like a smarter AI which is what you are asking for and if your level is not very high you will get matched with people more or less about your skill level. You hate losing against others because it gives you anxiety?

Do it, the game is dead in the water if you’re a single player. I already uninstalled mine months ago.


I don’t mind losing. Losing is part of the game.

But playing against other humans gives me anxiety, for sure. I don’t want sweaty palms when I’m playing, as it’s not fun that way.

And I don’t have enough time in the day that I can learn to be better.

If I’m playing an hour a day after work for chilling, I’d rather do that against Hardest AI. It should be challenging, but no human factor.


Someone help me out. Tell me it’s not true that pvp players really like teaching every non-pvp player “you’re not enjoying the game the right way!”

I cannot get this stereotype out of my mind now.


a last addition, if you can survive the guerilla attacks of AI in the first 15-20 minıtes and get to castle age AI is powerless after then. It has only 24-25 units and you can crush it easily. It has tons of money but don’t produce an army.

the game has a great potential but it is badly wasted unfortunately.