So this is how Mongol town center will look [new screenshot]

It would be too easy to just spam villagers and then rush the enemy early on with horse archers before they have even the possibility to create some kind of defense

Yeah, it would. Come to think of it, if a player can produce 25 Villagers in the first 10 minutes of the game, that makes 25 Horse Archers in the first 10 minutes of the game. Well, I still think the concept is okay, but it has to be balanced better. Maybe the developers could make Stone Walls not destructible by arrows.

One does not have stone walls in the first 10 minutes of the game, probably maybe palisades but thats also kind of unlikely

Your brain is washed by Chinese communist party. You gotta travel the world and see the world. Go to Mongolia or at least Inner Mongolia. Also read history from other world sources, not from communist’s history. Go to Taiwan and meet people and see what people think in democratic country. Qing empire was Manchus colonizing China, Mongolia, Tibet, East Turkestan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Bhutan, parts of Kazakhstan, and many other tribute states. Today China is colonizing part of Mongolia, East Turkestan, Tibet… World see this and know this. On the other hand, the truth is that Mongolia was never part of China. But China was part of Mongolia. Your language, your customs, your traditional clothes, your genes are heavily influenced by Mongols. Btw, Chinese people were so scared of Mongols and built walls for thousands of years? Or do they teach you that they built it for fun? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


You are the brainwashed one. You should study the origin of the Mongols. Besides, the Mongols do not always live in Mongolia and Inner Mongolia. The Great Wall is not only defensive against Mongols. There are many nationalities living outside the Great Wall, including Huns, Rouran people, Juren, Turks, etc. The Great Wall is not a defensive state. Ancient China was not afraid of nomadic people. If you study the history, the Huns, Turks and Mongols were driven by the ancient Chinese. In ancient China, only when the country was in civil strife would the nomads have a chance to take advantage of. When they were powerful, the nomads or other nationalities were the ones they were afraid of. The Great Wall is not your superficial understanding, only as a defensive wall. The ancient Chinese emperors regarded it as a contribution to the prosperity of the Empire. It was constantly maintained and expanded to highlight the strength of the Empire. In fact, the Great Wall as a defense function of time is very little, that is, the ancient Chinese civil war period. When China was strong, it didn’t need that wall at all. The ancient Chinese emperors also liked to lead the army to conquer the northern minorities, which is not as superficial as you foreigners know. Except Mongolia, which was intervened and separated by foreign forces, other ethnic minorities in China regard themselves as Chinese, including Manchu and Inner Mongolia. Do you think it is very difficult for China to recover Outer Mongolia? When you talk about democracy, I think you should pay more attention to your own problems. Democracy doesn’t come from pointing. Do yourself well first. Democracy is not necessarily your style. Don’t think that your style is good, good or bad. Look at China’s development and strength. According to your point of view, Han people have conquered many nationalities, including Manchu, Mongolian, and possibly Russian, Kyrgyz, etc… Therefore, in the eyes of the Chinese, your view is a bit absurd. It is suggested that we should learn more about the history of the East and learn the thinking of the Chinese people.

Another point is that the Han nationality, the main ethnic group in China, is a farming people. They like rich and fertile land, so they are not interested in other barren and uncultivated lands. Therefore, this kind of thinking is also reflected in the Chinese emperors. The Great Wall is not only a decoration for an emperor to show off the power of the Empire, but also a dividing line between the farming and nomadic peoples. In ancient China, the land of the northern minority nationalities was mostly relaxed management, because China was not interested in the land that could not be cultivated. So don’t think that the ancient Chinese living in the Great Wall was afraid of the nomads or the ancient Mongols, because the ancient Chinese were not very interested in these uncultivated or uncultivated places. Nomadic people like more land and larger territory, which is caused by national character. Moreover, the ancient Chinese were not belligerent, because they thought they were a civilized country with etiquette, righteousness and shame, moral standards, and a high degree of social civilization. Compared with nomads, ancient Chinese preferred prosperous places, fertile and comfortable places.

Mongolia was part of Qing dynasty for 200 years, but Outer Mongolia almost didn’t have any influence of Han, there was treaties between Manchus and Mongols. Han people didn’t enter outer Mongolia. Manchus were Sinicized, but Mongols simply didn’t. We also have Kazakh Minority region in Western Mongolia. Kazakhs were part of Mongolia and successors of Golden horde. The genetics, tradition, geography, lifestyle are very similar. But we never claim Kazakhstan as Mongolia. Yes, there are less Mongols in Mongolia than in China. But it doesn’t really matter. There are also millions of Mongols and Mongol regions in Russia. I said you are brainwashed, because you are insulting. I can see that you have good knowledge and English. But being respectful to others is the real education. I don’t want to talk to you, but I am writing because I want other people not to be affected by your insult.