So this is how Mongol town center will look [new screenshot]

from the new behind the scenes video of AoE IV

Looks like a movable civilisation where you can unpack and pack your important buildings and move to other location?


Well, they were nomads, that make sense and that would make a big gameplay change. We have to way to the beta to see how turns out and then complain here like always :sweat_smile::rofl:

Actually that could be a good single player mechanic, for story mode.

But in PvP Buildings they should stay where they are.

WOW, nice find. Looks like Mongolian architecture. Well done. Where did you find this? Nice find by the way.

From the new behind the scenes video

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I am most excited for the Mongols.


Here’s a link to the video, if curious to see this and off-screen footage that looks a lot more like an AoE game than Total War. Again, though, wasn’t emailed about this video, despite me signing up to receive AoE4 news when the game was first announced :slight_smile:

Is looking good so far! The off-screen footage has me most excited


Ahhh, cool. I just looked at the video too. Thanks for sharing dude.

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I’m very happy to see the reference to AOE3: DE. It’s my favorite and the one I’m looking forward to the most.

I do not think you will allowed to move structures in the game. But they said they are gonna make unique civilizations so they might give to Mongols low resources requirements to build strutures. Making it easier to move and rebuild here and there. Going deep in to unique civilizzations is gonna be an hard job for those looking to a balanced game :wink:

Or they can make their structures (most of them where makes sense) as Trebuchet. Like their structure can packed and unpacked. Mongols were nomad, so they always went around with sheets, wood beams, tents etc.

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Yeah that might be an awesome civilization trait :slight_smile:

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The Mongols are a minority in China. The Chinese believe that the Mongols are Chinese and a part of Chinese history. The independence of Outer Mongolia is the result of foreign interference in China’s internal affairs. I don’t understand that foreigners or Mongolians will think that Mongolia is not a part of Chinese history. As a nation, Mongolia has been active in Chinese history and has close ties with Chinese history. Most of the time, Mongols belong to a part of the Chinese nation and belong to Chinese history. Mongolia was China’s territory in the Qing Dynasty, and the independence of Outer Mongolia was a political conspiracy 。 Foreigners or Mongolians should not separate Mongolian history according to this political event.

With this logic, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Liechtenstein are part of Switzerland.

I don’t know what the CCP tells you exactly, but there’s Tibetan, Uyghur and Mongolian history and culture, like it or not.


You may have misunderstood that there are 56 ethnic groups in China, which jointly created Chinese history, not the history of the Han nationality. In ancient China, like Europe now, there were many different nationalities, including Mongols, and countries with different cultures. After constant wars and constant ethnic integration and exchange, they all achieved unity and jointly created Chinese history. The descendants of Genghis Khan’s golden family are still in China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The Mongolian population of Inner Mongolia ethnic autonomous region is more than 4 million, more than that of Mongolia.

Do we have to drag modern day ethics discussions and politics into this?

I definitely hope that Mongol buildings can be dismounted. This would tie in perfectly with my ideas for them: unable to build castles and walls, but getting a free Horse Archer every time you create a Villager.

I think getting free horse archers every time a villager is created would not be a good idea

but mobile bases, quick build cheap defenses and fewer big structures would be an interesting idea

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So those were Chinese who conquered Middle East and Eastern Europe in 12-13th centuries. Good to know.

Why not? I presume you mean it’s not a good idea for the opposite player, because for the player playing the Mongols it would be awesome.