So we got stuck on hard ai?

Just read the upcoming patch notes and it seems we’ll have to endure this ai for an indefinite time.
As most of the community have switched to hard ai which is even not a joke,most likely an insult.

Does anyone have a working mod to make it decent ? Zycat is broken after the latest update and adding handicap to AIs via advanced game settings does not even have an effect.

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The AI can be tweaked via faster server-side patches, devs have done it before. My guess is that it won’t be included in this release but changes will happen shortly afterwards. There has been too much pressure to get rid of the cheating AI.

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Handicap in AGS mod is not a penalty, its a bonus.

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There is now confirmation in the release notes that the AI is going back to the old, non-cheating Hardest.


Yeah this was there before this thread was even created.

Oh! Then let’s assume the OP didn’t see it. I haven’t even checked the release notes honestly. I played the PUP and I know what was in there so no need really.

“Handicap in AGS mod is not a penalty, its a bonus.”

I didn’t say otherwise.There seems to be a bug that makes AI inconsistent when handicap applied.Sometimes thay act even tougher than current Hardest and most of the time it effects nothing.

I mentioned that i read the patch notes prior to making this topic. The key part in patch notes regarding reverting AI to previous state will be done in “near future” which lacks specific timeline that makes it vague.

My main point is until this situation is fixed what options do we have to make it playable.

That’s stupidly revealing that despite 3 weeks of outrage, they can’t un-code their most hated changes. I thought the whole point of the pup was so they’d have an opportunity to adjust their update before surprising people. I know they will eventually change it but the pace is way too slow. They knew this would be a contentious change, they should have been more prepared to revert it. I chose not to play the shitty pup for a reason and now the worst part of it is going to be forced upon me? Thanks Devs. Makes me less likely to play future pups and submit feedback because it seems they are following their own course.


i am happy with this news. i can wait in peace now. thank you