So weird

I have been reading the forums for the past year and it feels like some of you are on a Jihad against Age of Empires IV. Like you have a vested interest in the failure of the game. I don’t understand. If you dislike it so much, why don’t you play some other games? What’s the point of coming here day after day and being so negative (and at the same time praising other games)? Yes, the launch wasn’t ideal but the game has improved significantly. The developers are listening (see PUP).

From 5 min ago:


May be because the game is free weekend ? Of those players more than 50% will leave the game due to poor graphics, not crew on siege, castle vs castles fights, useless walls, useless units on walls, units bigger than buldings, poor animations and extremely simple game play mechanics.

And people post about other games because those game are actually better and made by RTS professionals that understood that a medieval game actual is and not mixed fantasy with medieval historic.


If you mean certain users complaining about all aspects of the game in general, all the time and everywhere, I have counted them and they are few and in some cases, complaining is almost all they do. The best thing in these cases is to simply ignore them, unless they become offensive against you, in which case you have to tell them to stop taking the matter to heart and continue with your life. Many tastes are subjective so it is normal that there are always discrepancies.

On the other hand, since these are the official AoE forums, there are many topics for constructive criticism, especially to improve various aspects of the game, suggest new mechanics, report bugs or suggest new game modes.

Of course, where there is freedom as well as topics for debate, there is also the possibility of topics that only exist to criticize the game (“1000 reasons why I hate aoe4 / why Aoe4 failed / etc”) but it is something common in more of a free forum, and one ends up getting used to it.

I personally really enjoy the game, I like the new biome, and the new mechanics”. For example, just that sentence that I said, some take it personally, and believe that it is their “duty” to teach others how bad the game is and why it is wrong to like the new biome or like the game. That’s why I tell you, ignore them, unless they become annoying and despise your tastes.

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if you think is only this forum or some user complaining check steam aoe 4 forums which is a paid one or you have to buy the game to participate on it like this one

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People are not open to innovation. Memorization techniques in Aoe2 they want to play every day.


Very funny!

You are trying to use the “Free-Weekend” and selected a limited part of the chart…
What a joke…

Only during the free-weekend, it barely reaches 16k, AOE2 does it without even trying.


also keep in mind this is the second time they did this, pretty sure 3 only did it once (so far anyway, but that game isn’t constantly declining)

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Everyone loves aoe2 and some people like aoe3, they have been around for 20years. And everyone that has enjoyed them games have brought them on special cause they cost hardly anything. Nearly free

Aoe 4 needs a decent computer setup and there’s still many people around the world that cant buy one.

Still needs a few expansion packs to catch up and microsoft to put in the work to make the game better.

It has over 65million games counted on

42k players on 1vs1 ladder
75k players on team ladder
100k players on the custom games ladder
11th in best selling games while the sales on steam

Dont think its going to bad


ok, well how many of those thousands of players, these numbers include the big launch day, are still around, also, ik this one is harder to dig up, how many singleplayer players are there in total, plenty of questions still


Guys, this game is not only released on Steam. Lots of people playing on Xbox Game Pass with a monthly subscription. You can’t conclude that it’s underplayed just by looking at Steam.

Actually currently it’s 16919 on QM 1v1 and 3524 on Season 4 ladder. Season 3’s 1v1 ladder had 48485 players but something to keep in mind is that unlike the QM ladder or the ranked ladders from AoE 2 and 3, inactive players won’t get removed after 28 days, so you could’ve just played your placements and then stop playing.

That being said - figures are speaking against the people constantly saying that AoE 4 is dead. It ofc is smaller than AoE 2 or 3, but far from being dead.


Didnt count quickmatch, fewer people only play that but most play rank. And was just meaning season 3 stats cause season 4 has only started recently.

Id say theres round 60k active players counting steam and xbox