So when can Portugal get these lads

So the African civs can get Portugese Cannoneers that have a unique model and are generally pretty cool. What makes it funny is Ethiopians can train these but Portugal cant even get a card.

I feel like theres other units like this but its just getting wackier as European civs fall further and further behind to the point other civs can get units from their country that they cant lol.


the current portugese faction doesnt really need a new anti infantry infantry dude. they already have 1 of the best skirmishers.


Ah but they are more of a siege unit like the Abus gun but with more anti building strength. So could replace organ gun.

22 dmg is not an impressive amount, and also why would you wanna replace an AOE dmg unit with this?

Stats can be changed I dont want to get into that. The main thing is African civs getting access to Portugese units that Portugal cant, thats the main point.

Plus they look really cool.:slight_smile:


Back in TAD the Asians could infinitely train some European units where the actual civ need a card + an expensive tech to get them for one time.


I would trade organ gun for this.