So, where is new remade UI / ALT+F4 fix?

Devs, hello? Any response from you? How long to wait?


they posted an update about alt f4 when they released the new civs

  • Alt+F4 & Queue Dodging: As a progress report, we’re continuing work on our solution for this and intend to push it Live as soon as it’s ready (and we’re as anxious as you are). We’ll be providing an information section in future patch notes once this change is ready to go Live so you know what to expect, and we’ll definitely want feedback and reaction – it’s our intent to monitor this issue and update our solution where users are continuing to try and exploit queues.

They just drag it out forever. I would not wonder, if it will never come.

At least they seem to do something, because there are now ranked custom lobbies for deathmatch.
And also new error messages are thrown if someone drops/dodges 11

The UI will be the same, they are not changing it, why were you thinking they would?

About alt f4, patience guys they need to sell at least 2 more DLCs to get enough cash jk, relic is doing the multiplayer and connectivity i think they need to coordinate their efforts to make changes in the MM, so i guess until relic releases aoe4 and few months of fixing breaking game bugs, maybe by january with the next Lords of ipanema.

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