So you wanted to be more accurate to Native Americans but then

But you keep the cheapest sounding native voices I have ever heard for the Haudenosaunee. It sounds like they put a teenager up to the task of doing the female villager voice lines, but she wanted to use her $30 walmart microphone and put her mouth right up next to it. There is absolutely no emotion in most of their units voice lines, everything is monotoned.

And paying 25 wood to unlock access to mining gold feels clunky. I feel like that added absolutely nothing at all to the game because you’re still “mining” gold. Make it independent from your gold mines or something, it’s just really weird right now.


Exactly. Using native units is so infuriating. It makes me want to fall asleep.

Compare it to lets say Germans. Their units sound so entusiastic and energetic.

It feels like the voice actors for natives didn’t even want to be there, but their mom told them to.


Also… A single voice actor for every single unit: villager, explorer, everything… So cheap. If they couldn’t afford a new professional voice over for the civs, just dont make anything, as this is a huge downgrade.


Yeah, I agree. The ‘new’ ones are a downgrade (why were they replaced, actually?). The person who did these - as well as the female villagers - sounds incredibly lifeless and bored and the worst part is, they are completely uniform across multiple units. That’s a jarring inconsistency and absurd.

Even the Inca’s got a better deal than the Lakota/Haudenosaunee. Why?

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Because they had the budget for incan voice lines. The lakota and haudesaunee debacle was a last minute addition.

Yeah, my half brother has two Native American parents compared to my one, and monotone is 100% part of the genes :clown_face:

Iroquois and Sioux stuff is still found in the files

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Gonna be frank, but as a Lakota native who hears a lot of Lakota being spoken… being monotone is part of the language. It’s tonal. Being expressive like you want would change the meaning of what is being said, or make it unintelligible.

I hate it too, don’t worry. I wish my language was a little more exciting to listen to lmao


This makes a lot more sense then.

I do not mind the monotone, nut they could at least make them a bit louder, since sometimes I really think the units have gone silent.

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I wish they’d hire a few more actors for the voice lines rather than using the same two actors for every unit. It’d clear up a lot of game play confusion if the units had different voices like they do with every other nation.


Perhaps this is the real problem. If being monotone is a feature, being almost silent is a bug.

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I think they just did not adjust the volume accordingly.

The happiest of them all are the Russian grenadiers tho, those do live to the hype xD

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I am curious on your thoughts about the complaint that the volume of the speakers’ voices is too low. Does it feel that way to your ears, as well? Could the volume be raised without impacting the language?

The volume absolutely needs to be raised, and they need more voice actors for the lines. It is literally a game-balance issue to have every Lakota unit speak the same way - the player can no longer click on a unit and know exactly what unit it is by sound alone.
This is especially relevant in the Definitive Edition where it’s gotten more difficult to discern which unit is which when many are packed closely together.

As much as I hate to say this, I would prefer they revert to the old voiceovers until such a time that they can actually make a full voiceover for the entire civilization. Same with the Haudenosaunee.


Just raise the volume of all the new, soft voice overs and that’d do.

Yup, and it shows in the loading screen tips