Soloq teamgames are imposible right now

there is like 60% chance of someone resigning bc they didnt like the map, and of top of that at above 2k+ there is a huge chance of getting matched with high elo players with "low tg elo friends " with a sus high %wr.

We will not comply until we have unlimited map bans or a ranked lobby system

  1. smurfs
  2. unbalanced elo games
  3. unfairness of solo vs premade
  4. unfair ban choices between solo vs premade

Lots of problems I have kept mention and it’s good to know right now someone realized they are the problems.


Our playerbase is simply not large enough. I suspect the best thing the devs can do is have an option of “How long are you willing to wait for your game?” This whole start, resign, and requeue wastes more time than actually queuing for a longer time at this point.


I have played six 2v2 team games with a friend of mine last weekend. We both have a team rating of 2k1. There were no smurfs, no early quitters and relatively quick matchmaking. We only had one possible Alt F4, despite the fact we mostly played Nomad (3 games) and MegaRandom (2 games). The new system seems to be an improvement. I doubt my experience would have been much worse if I solo queued (though I would have a smaller chance of getting my favourite map, of course, but that would be fine).


Try doing solo queue in a 4v4 game ; )

To be fair, they did specify solo queue and you are playing 2v2 with a friend.

My experience is that solo queuing I end up with a pretty decently matchup for my own team, all about the same elo. But the opposing team has sometimes much higher elo and one lower. I don’t know they are teaming up, the games are still fun… don’t know their rank until the end so it’s not putting me off in game and we’re not getting utterly crushed. But when game ends there is a little bit of “oh that makes sense”

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? i said soloq in tg

Yes, so if they are queueing with a friend, that’s not solo queueing.

I have queued solo in a 4v4 game in the last 3 days and I always found a game much quicker than before (2/3 mins max. against 4/6 mins before the change). Also, no early resigns or alt+f4. I have played 3 nomad / 1 arena / 1 arabia if I am not wrong, never happened to get to play 3 “complete” nomad games before :slight_smile: So to me looks an improvement till now.