Solution for demand for cultural skins for each civilization

It is now 2017 and as a gaming community we have high standards. Many have asked for individual historical skins for each civilization. Being one of these people, i have come up with a solution: make one, no more than two, visual changes to each unit’s skin from the Tool Age and afterward (excluding axeman and slings) that are iconic to the society it is suppose to represent. The changes should be small, as to not take away from the original look and feel of the unit.
For example: The Short Swordsman available in the Bronze Age is easily recognizable. It is a tubby man with a tiny sword, wearing a skirt, leather straps, and a feathered bronze helm.
If the feathered helm was replaced with the classic Corinthian helmet
the unit is still fully recognizable as a Short Swordsman, but can also instantly be seen as a member of the Greek society.
If the helm is replaced with a Nemes
and the sword with a tiny Khopesh, the unit obviously looks egyptian, but keeps the core elements that allow you to recognize it as a Short Swordsman
Tiny changes like this will make the game as a whole more realistic, pleasing to the eye, and one hundred times more re-playable.

Only small cosmetic details can make a big difference.

100% agree - it would be very, very nice if implemented correctly, largely increasing immersion.

The same could be done with all other units, of course, keeping their key features - bronze mail and shield for Broad Swordsmen, coat and long bow for Composite Bowman etc.

If someone wouldn’t like these cosmetic changes, they could be turned off at will I guess.

I agree- it should not be all that difficult to implement these small cosmetic changes. They would improve immensly the immersion factor

Yeah exactly it would be great if every faction uses different skins,units,…

This would be amazing

Totally worth it. May ease the weirdness of seeing the Yamato hoplites… a bit.

(for that matter, anyone remember the lions strolling ancient Japan in the campaign?)

Well actually it would be enough if the engine allowed multiple skins per civilisation just like with the buildings, and the modding community would do the rest.