Solution for OLD pcs Working (AVX FIX AGE OF EMPIRES IV)

Right, after the release of age of empires iv I bought it by m. store and I was disappointed to find out that it didn’t work on cpu without avx … posted here in the group and was almost cursed for having a “Jurassic computer” as they said.

Well, I found a solution on youtube for my problem, and guess what? THE GAME RUN VERY WELL, proving that AVX is not that necessary and that it is also one more reason for the super smart people who answered me in that topic to upgrade their pcs, soon there will be a limitation for theirs too :joy: :rofl: :joy:

as the microsoft version is very forbidden to mess with the root folder I had to buy the steam version, which worked very well.


Thanks for posting man, ignore that fool. Can you play online with this?


Will the avx fix work with any version of the game or does it have to be updated for each patch? Only talking about the dll fixes, if I purchase the game on Steam

Just in general, as long as those DLLs aren’t updated in a patch they should keep working.

I would keep a copy of the modified DLLs in a different folder just to be safe. If you run into any issues with the game and need to have Steam verify the integrity of the local files (or reinstall the game), you’ll need to apply the modified DLLs again.

Also, it’s possible that the modified DLLs will be replaced with the default ones during a patch even if they aren’t changed (ideally the patch wouldn’t update files without changes since that’s a waste of time) so having a backup copy is an extra good idea.

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hey mate, did you get it working?

did this work on the steam version or cracked version?

Hi, never tried, wasn’t going to purchase and then struggle. No one ever responded to my post with a definite Yes it works. Would be nice to know if this fixed worked and with the current version without having to get an update all the time.

I tried it on the steam version with no luck :confused: but saw someone on reddit saying they got it going but found no more details