Solution for people ALT+F4 in ranked TGs

I really hope this suggestion get some traction and the devs at least think about it.

Have you ever been frustrated when queueing for Ranked TGs and every time a game is found, someone Alt+F4 and you get kicked out of the queue? I have a small suggestion to fix this:
Anyone who Alt+F4 during a Queue cannot enter another queue for 10 min
(This can also be implemented by making it possible to only queue once every 10 min)

This way, if someone wants to leave urgently, they are not punished for it, since they are leaving anyway, but if someone is only closing the game every time they get a map they don’t like in a TG, well then they have to choose to play or wait 10 min.
This is not as relevant of an issue on 1v1 since you will always get one of the 2 favourite maps and people usually play anyway. Plus the queue for 1v1 is fast and you can afford to queue again. But for TGs, I cannot tell you how many times I spent an hour in queue, just to play a TG, ANY GAME! And from my talks with other people in the community, this is a very common issue.
People do get at least one ban, so they can ban the map they “Hate” the most, but it is annoying to have 1 player out of 8 not wanting to play a specific map and ruining the fun for everyone else. TGs in my opinion are not as “map sensitive” as 1v1, and I think we can all agree this will not force people to play what they don’t want to play, but it will also make it easier for people to just play.

I am interested in what people think about this, and if we can get the devs to at least think about this issue.

P.S: Obviously it doesn’t have to be 10 min, we can have incremental timers the more you quit for example, this is just to start thinking about the issue.

Thank you.


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