Solved - sorry my bet - guaranteed win condition

I just discovered, that if you build a wonder and then delete it, the timer continues. But the enemy is no longer able to destroy it and voila- you win 10min after building the wonder.
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What the… really?!
Thanks, this is serious.

I am testing this against AI and can’t replicate this issue, are you sure your team didn’t have another wonder?

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I watched you latest replays, so unless it didn’t happen yesterday, I can’t see where you encountered this issue.

In one game your Delhi Teammate had a wonder 5 minutes before you build yours.

And both your wonders stood there the entire game.
The wonder in your latest wonder loss also stood until the end.

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Hi there- thanks a lot for the fast investigation. In my last wonder victory I deleted the Wonder a few secs before the end and yeah - I didn’t realize, there was another wonder from our team. This was already the second time this happened to me - so I mistakenly assumed it as a bug.
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