Somalis Civilziation Idea

Gunpowder Civilization

Civilization Bonuses:
Hunters don’t need Mill or Town Center to drop off food
Military units +5 hitpoints and 10% cheaper (except Ships)
Bombard Towers are 15% cheaper

Unique Technologies:
Mogadishu Colonies: Town Centers and Docks work 50% faster
Abyssinian War: Hand Cannonneer +2 projectiles

Unique Unit:
Malassay: Infantry that can dodge Siege projectiles and deals bonus damage vs Siege
Yemeni Muskeeter: Hand Cannoneer Upgrade

Team Bonus:
Hunters +1 range and +2 vs deer

Historical Justification for bonuses:

  • Somalis were skilled nomadic hunters
  • They were forever in war vs Ethiopia and had basically everything from Infantry to Heavy Cavalry
  • Somalis built towers and many fortifications
  • Mogadishu colonized Maldives and parts of South Africa
  • During the Abyssian War, gunpowder was introduced by Yemeni and Ottoman Mercenaries
  • Malassay was the elite troop of the Adal Sultanate, siege bonus is a reference against Ethiopia

Missing: Heavy Cavalry Archer, Elephant Archer Thumb Ring, Halberdier, Paladin, Steppe Lancer, Battle Elephant, Block Printing, Fervor, Theocracy, Heresy, Siege Onager, Heavy Scorpion, Crop Rotation

Somali, Harari, Harla, Argobba and Afar people founded various sultanates in Horn of Africa. The most important were Shewa, Mogadishu, Ajuran, Ifat and Adal. The people of Horn of Africa were nomadic pastoralists and skilled hunters. Islam was introduced between the 7-8th centuries by Arabic immigrants. Arabs who were assimilated by the local Somali population built coastal trading cities like Mogadishu which became a strong sultanate. It colonized the Maldives and built a major trading port in South Africa. The sultanate was eventually annexed by the Ajuran Sultanate which became one of the strongest powers in the region. They were a part of the Indian trade. Later they were attacked by the Portuguese, but resisted and drove out the invaders from their cities. They allied with the Ottomans and imported artillery. The Ajuran had the most powerful navy in all of Africa and they joined the Ottoman expedition in Southeast Asia and also drove out the Portuguese from the Swahili coast briefly. Ajuran declined in the 17th century. The Oromo people migrated to the north which caused the end of the Ajuran Sultanate. Shewa was founded after the decline of the Axumite Empire. It was conquered by the emerging Ifat Sultanate. Later Ifat declared Jihad on Ethiopia. They pushed Ethiopia back to the highlands, but things turned and they ended up being conquered by them. They gained independence later but were annexed by the new Adal Sultanate. The Sultanate allied with the Ottoman Empire against the Portuguese expansion in the Indian Ocean and Red Sea. Adal peaked in the 16th century where they nearly conquered Ethiopia. Both states were severely weakened after the war. The Adal Sultante ended and many smaller states were established.

Ahmad Gragn, imam and general of the Adal Sultanate

  1. Abun Adashe was a great sultan, he was loved by Adal people and was respected by everyone but usurper Abu Bakr ibn Muhammad organized troops, killed the sultan and took the throne. In 1526 Ahmad Gragn rebelled against king. He gathered troops, unified Adal against the sultan. The sultan was killed by Ahmad Gragn in a battle next to Harar.
  2. Ethiopians and Somalis are enemies since forever. In 1529 Ahmad Gragn invaded Southern Ethiopia. Turkish and Yemeni soldiers also served under him. They annihilated the Ethiopian army and annexed Southern Ethiopia. Adal rule was welcomed because many Muslims lived in Southern Ethiopia.
  3. Two years later the Adal forces attacked the Ethiopian highlands, conquered Axum and burned churches. After the war 75% of Ethiopia was under Adal.
  4. The Ethiopian Emperor asked for Portuguese help. The Ethiopian-Portuguese forces recovered some regions, but were annihilated at the Battle of Wofla where the Portuguese commander Cristóvão da Gama was captured and killed
  5. Portuguese and Ethiopians returned to the Ethiopian capital where they recovered. Adal marched towards the capital but they were caught off guard by the enemy’s strategy and were defeated. Ahmad Gragn lost his life and Ethiopia reclaimed all its lost territories.
  6. The wife of Ahmad married to the new sultan Nur ibn Mujahid who declared Jihad on Ethiopia. Ethiopia and Adal invaded each other’s land at the same time. Gelawdewos Ethiopian Emperor was killed in 1559, at the same time Harar, the capital of Adal was sacked by the Ethiopian Army, ending the war.

Perfect. I just came up with some gunpowder bonuses yesterday and now someone is proposing a new gunpowder civ. Awesome!

Overall your civ looks weak tbh.

All gunpowder civ in game has a gold bonus. Your proposed one doesn’t have any. And honestly without good gold income, pulling of gunpowder is almost impossible. Maybe you can add another civ bonus related to gold income. Can “Age advancing doesn’t cost gold” fit into the civ?

This looks like very weak. A gunpowder bonus like -1 minimum range for BBC and CG will be great.

It’s an interesting design. Have you given much thought to the way this would play?

This is a laming bonus. The civ should send a group of vills forwards to eat the enemy hunt. One downside of that is that it’s rather situational; it’s pretty useless on maps where you’re far apart and there isn’t much hunt. Another downside is that people don’t like being lamed.

A very intriguing general bonus. I quite like it because it looks like a flat bonus but it’s going to effect different units very differently. I expect It’ll cause the civ to simply play archers most of the time, but the generalness means you can also go into a scout war and maybe win.

Sure. Why not. This looks rather useless to me, but perhaps I’m wrong.

Absolutely love this. Soft-stealing the Persians bonus, you dare :sunglasses:
And it opens up some interesting castle-age plays. To make best use of this bonus, it should go to a civ that can go all-in on its UU.

While I am not a big fan to add more civs but I welcome to any African DLC. I would suggest Kanem-Bornu empire and Zimbabwi or Songhai empire to this DLC also.

Tbh I think some naval bonuses would fit. They were one of the most prolific sailors of Africa I believe.

Im not the biggest fan of giving them 10% cheaper units and +5 hp, I would prefer to just give them one of those and an eco bonus. Also, they dont need two diferent hand canoneer bonuses, one of them would be enough

Beyond that seems fine. Could tweak some of the numbers but overall it is a solid design

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Hindustani Grand Trunk Road is rarely researched early on and they can make Hand Cannons easily. Not to mention you save a ton of gold by making cheap Knights and Crossbows. Somali HC-s would be cheaper too.

You save tons of resources with this civ, better than Portuguese because it also applies to wood and food.

There should be at least two large DLCs for Africa (3 (or 4) civs like DoI DLC):

  • North African DLC - Ghana, Benin, Somalians and Songhai
  • South African DLC - Congolese, Kanem-Bornu, Swahili and Zimbabweans

Maybe we could change it allowed huters to drop food to Any Building, including towers and castles? This should prevent laming

Somalia has the highest number of camels yet you gave them no camel related bonus. Blasphemy!!!
:dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel: :dromedary_camel:


Did they have recorded Camel army? No.

Even Ethiopia had.

Read Somaliland Camel Corps.

This is a 20th century thing how is this related to the middle ages?


The Musketeer UU OP proposed is even more modern.

He did not give them even any regular camel line in the tech tree. You mean Somalia were so dumb? They just saw their large number of camels and never wondered if they can ride?

Is Camel and Heavy Camel part ot “Missing”? No. They have them cheaper on both food, gold and +5 HP.

Muskeeter from the 16th century, an appropriate choice. Somali Camel Corps is 20th century.


In a different thread I said Nubians is my most favorite civ to be added. I think Somalis will be a perfect pair for an Eastern Africa DLC.


Yeah as an Archer civ.

Their campaign would include the Makurian expansion, the Umayyad-Makurian Wars and the Nubian invasion of Egypt.

Its not actually. Bpth of the prominent Somali states in the 1500s used plenty of Turkish gunpowder weapons in their armies.

Thats a dumb comment. The Somalis havent been doing very well the last 30 years or so.

And no, they arent having problems because they are stupid.

Oh. I thought they stole it from the Italian colonizers. Ottomans sharing their technology is also possible.

How so?

Are you saying they are stupid but that’s not the cause of their problems or are you saying that they are neither stupid nor do they have problems?

Why are you trying to make them pirates?historically they were not pirates unlike now.

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