Some advives about next update

We are looking forward to the next update very much and we have three advices:
1.We have noticed that the new AI can cause memory overflow issues, especially after modders modify tactics files.
In particular, these memory overflow problems will cause the game to freeze or even lose response.This bug had already made us crazy.
2.If there are two cards for Chinese and Japanese,those card need some resources.After send those cards,the Chinese and Japanese will have more Modernization units such as Xiang Army or Akakuma army.
3.We already have the USA civ and the Mexico civ,but the revo USA and revo Mexico are still exist,it is a kind of waste.Our advice is replace them by other revolution civs in the next update.
revo USA(British):Ireland
revo USA(French):Vietnam
revo USA(Dutch):Belgium
revo USA(Swedish):Denmark
revo USA(Italian):Croatia
revo Mexico:Paraguay


Really good proposition, but Denmark must be a full civ! Norway is definitely better option for revolution for Swedes civ (and Danes civ also).


You already created a few threads with these things. This is a forum, not a chat- stop spamming. If you want to add something you can create a new reply, no need for a new thread.

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I am afraid that the Microsoft does not have the will to do a full civ Denmark.Although I want it too.

233333,We have no way but this way to make Microsoft focus Us

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Write in your native language and use google translate and then post it here, because I have no idea what you’re trying to say:

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Topic spam won’t grab Microsoft attention, either


The AI bug need to be fixed.But until now,it is still exist.

They are aware of it. Do you think spaming in the forums will suddenly make them work faster?