Some AI's stay idle for the entire game

I have played a few 4v4 single player skirmish games with the AI and I noticed that in every game 2-3 AI’s stay idle for the entire game.

Their settlers simply stay idle near the town center and don’t collect any resources.

As a results these idle AI’s stay in age 1 for the entire game.

I would post some screen shots but I don’t see an option for that.

See screen shots.

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I can confirm that my mod which is changing the “Settler” “Population Count” from “1” to “0” is causing some AI’s to go idle for the entire game.

This problem is only with AOE3 DE and NOT with the original AOE3.
With the original AOE3 this type of mod works fine.

So developers, either fix this issue or add 300 and 400 population limit for single player skirmish.

The game can certainly handle 400 population limit for 8 players skirmish.
I already played AOE3 DE with no population for settlers and 1 population for all other units.
In couple of my games 6 out of the 8 players had 200-300 units each which is equivalent to 400+ population, and it worked great with no lag.

A larger population count would indeed be a very nice feature. Maybe create a separate game mode that allows for this? No limit on houses and no limit on population.