Hi! Here are a couple suggestions I have, taken from the AoE2 experience:

  • Unit pathing (although that one looks as if it is already fixed)
  • Troop formations (as long as it isn’t the old scatter around, cuz that was frustrating)
  • Advanced troop formations (some cool tricks in AoE2 like dodging catapult shots by clicking the flank formation)
  • Higher ground advantage (creates some unique depth in higher elo games)

The first two are definitely a priority to myself, since they are more of quality of life features, rather than anything else.
The last two are just some things that could help give the game some depth. Also, if you do implement these last two, it would be amazing if you made those features obvious (like an “Advanced Mechanics” tutorial or something, without, of course, over-emphasising them, so newer players don’t get lost, at the same time, in such non-obligatory details) so newer players could also get to use them earlier on (that is, don’t make them hidden! please).


Unit pathing will be improved and high ground advantage has been in AoE since the beginning. As for formations, nothing has been confirmed yet. If the unit pathing will be improved enough, formations are not necessarily needed, but could be good to have nevertheless.

Pathing is being worked on, yeah, and I think that troop formations will change the gameplay, but it’s not something bad, IMO. The AoE system always felt too stiff for me over the AoE2 system. Higher ground (watch out, Anakin) is already in the game, and I don’t know about advanced troop formations - personally, I never really used them, so it wouldn’t make a difference one way or another.