Some awesome hotkeys available in 0AD (which could be in DE)

  1. "Send villagers back to work". In 0AD if your woodline gets raided you can pull your villigers to fight. Once the raid is dead, you hit this hotkey, and everyone goes back to gathering the resource that they were gathering beforehand. Same as TC “go back to work” button, except without the villigers having to be garrisoned and even if you’ve given them attack commands after pulling of the res. I’ve mentioned this one before in another post (can’t find it now), but there was a lot of discussion then about whether it was possible. I didn’t know another game had actually done it. Now I do. So it is clearly possible!
  2. "Select only wounded units". Similar to how there’s hotkeys in Age to drag-select only villigers, there’s a hotkey to drag-select only injured units in 0AD. And you can modify in your settings when a unit is considered to be injured (what % health it’s lost). Pros are very good at pulling away weak units. I guess it’s part of the game. What do you think?
  3. Drag select only idle units. Same as above but for idles. Age has “select all idle villigers/millitary” and “select all millitary on screen”. I don’t think it has a drag-select modifier for idles though.
  4. Camera jump-to location. Starcraft also has this one. You can assign camera locations and jump to them in basically the same way as you can assign control groups and jump to them. you can eg have a hotkey to jump to the enemy base, to a neutral resource etc. I’m not sure yet whether this one would actually make life easier or just result in more work to set up the locations.
  5. Infinite queue. Same as how DE introduced farm auto-reseed, 0ad has a villiger auto-requeue. If you hit this, your tc will keep readding villgers to the queue as long as there’s 50 food in the bank each time one comes out. Interestingly, the “pros” in 0AD seem to avoid this one and do it manually rather.
  1. Reduces skill cap
  2. Reduces APM cap
  3. Double click option already exists
  4. Nice one, would like to see
  5. For a game where the main difference between 500, 1000, and 1500 elo players is the numbers on the timer that indicates the amount of TC idle time on capture age, I don’t think this will make the game better. Auto farm reseed was a QOL change that was needed, this is not something that is needed.

I hate the very idea of this. If such a feature is ever added it should have a clear downside like auto scout does.

Why don’t we just Auto Play as well?

I like 1. and 2., perhaps 4. It’s so annoying when you fight with vills, then don’t remember how many were on gold and lumber, respectively. 4. is perhaps not realizable in Age, but in Starcraft it’s quite useful.
5. is too convenient and reduces skill cap too much. Instead, I suggested showing a button Idle TC next to Idle vill, so players can more easily see they should do something and react.

btw: the caption of OP is not fitting well. Name it something like Hotkey feature suggestions

The hotkey to select all injured military units would be a great feature / would save time that would be used on ctrl clicking out injured units before moving the healthy units away for them to garrison for heals and would also help mid-battle to massively reduce losses en’large.

That being said for it to select anything above the 50-80% marks may be…

I’d suggest 2 hotkeys - select all heavily injured below 50% and a select all injured for any amount of injury.

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