Some balance change ideas

This one is not about the hill bonus, but about the mangonel always doing twice as much splash damage if you delete it. Even if you are fighting vs enemy, you kill his mangonel while the shot is in air, you amplify his damage, and make him kill more of your units. How is that a good feature?

But I also believe the one about the hill bonus should be fixed.

Yeah I kinda have second thoughts about this too. The janissary is probably fine as a unit right now.

Btw I just had another idea how to buff Coustilliers

Make them have more movement speed when the charge attack is ready, like +0.05, or +0.1.

Their current move speed is 1.35, same as knights. 1.40 is cavalry archers, and 1.45 is camels.

1.45 would maybe be a bit too strong, but keep in mind it will only be active while they have their Charge attack ready. After they use their charge attack, their speed goes back to 1.35

Probably 1.40 would be a nice starting ground (although, looking at previous civ buffs were handled (like tatars), maybe it is better to make it strong and after that nerf if needed)

Or maybe 1.40 for standard, 1.45 elite

Good point, and i think this is the way that every balance change should be made imo. We have to target the weaknesses of the civs while also making sure they’re all not very bland as a result, when possible.

With that approach in mind, I think something should also be done regarding koreans as well, specially considering their one sided matchup against Franks, but i dont have expertise to really suggest anything. But some change done specifically to address this issue should be made imo.

Anyway, back to Teutons case, maybe it would help if they atleast didnt have below average skirms? Maybe give them the last blacksmith archer upgrade (and nerf his UT to compensate?). Then with average skirms i’d gladly give up on the scouts and halbs extra armor (just dont touch champions and specially paladins - having slower paladins with extra armor fits the civ theme perfectly and since halbs are a thing its not OP, and its one of the coolest changes DE made to the original civs).

(just the opinion of a low level player that likes teutons - as expected from someone with a low elo haha)

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