Some balance suggestions


  • Give MMA an activated ability called Raise shields: The MAA will raise their shields and mitigate the damage done by Arrows, but slows their movement, in melee combat they take more damage. since arrows are homing missiles now we need some micro elements like this. This will be similar tot he defend ability of footmen from WC 3. That is how that game handles arrow fire.


  • In feudal age MAA (except English MAA) will have 1 less armor, and HP, but in other ages it will gain 1 armor and more base damage. Currently Bowmen feel useless on MAA and even Xbows struggle a bit and by that time MAA are walking tanks.


  • Needs a formation ability (defensive formation) to survive arrow fire, they feel very weak, even hardened ones. Defensive formations are needed for spears, since arrows are homing missiles now, we need some ability to mitigate it.


  • Sieges like Mangos, Bombards, and Trebs need a button to pack and unpack, the should not auto unpack and pack. Packing up takes 8 seconds. Unpacking takes 6 seconds. Changing in direction takes 4 seconds.

  • Base speed of sieges like Trebs, bombards, cannons and Mangos need to be further reduced, they run like cars now.

  • All siege Engines need to cost more.


  • They feel like toilet paper now and provides way to less benefits and becomes more of a liability.

  • Walls need to get more HP, also upgrades to fortify them or give them more damage mitigation.

  • Wall towers also need more HP and damage reduction buffs.