Some bug/hidden stat and new cards maths for african civ , specially for treaty

first hidden feature or bug ?

i tested multiple times , but herds gather food at 0.625 in age 1 after selective breeding upgrade , base gather rate (0.5) , but in age herd agther at 0.87 from market , is the some hidden tech or card that boost that ???

anyways test done was ,

draft oxen vs advance livestock market ± kilishi jerky

market trade reset rate is 1.5 % per sec after advance market , so it takes 134 sec for market to reset 20% of its value lost in one trade ,

one cattle takes 400/0.87 = 460 sec or 500/0.87=574 sec to get fully flattened

if u sell live stock at each 100% market value , u need 7 or 9 cattles keep recycling depending up on u took kilishi jerky or not ,

keep in mind unflattened cattle genrate 0.3 influence while fully flattened cattle genrate 0.65 , of there is a loss of 0.35 influence per sec when u trade a fully flatened cattle at market .

and there is a loss of food at 0.25/sec that a cattle would have genrated on feild .

net gain u gain 1000 resources gain in each cycle for loss of 322 influence + loss of 0.25x7x134 = 234 food
or 1200 rersources gain in each cycle for loss of , 402 influence + loss of 0.25x9x134 = 301 food

i personally feel influence is way more important than wood/gold , plus the loss of food that u could have got from putting fully flattened cattles on feild .

so for me 322 influence+234 food > 500 wood + 500 coin
or 402 influence +301 food > 600 wood + 600 coin .

choice is urs ,

also additional secenerio . when u use flattened cattles on feild and trade goats on market .


600 resources gain for loss of 57 influence
or gain of

720 resourses in loss of 71 influence

this trade looks better as flattend goat genrate influence at 0.3 and unflattened goat genrate at 0.2 , this difference is not much

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