Some bugs from latest patch notes

Just pointing out a few things from the latest patch notes that are not working properly.

Units will now respect their future state when executing queued commands.
i.e.: Monks can be queued to pick up a Relic and then return it to a Monastery.

It says “Units” implying all units but the Scout for example isn’t able to to this with sheep. A queue to move scout toward sheep and then right clicking the town center results in the scout garrisoning instead of recognizing its future state leading sheep.

Traders will now move out of the way if they were preventing a Stone Wall Gate from being constructed.

I haven’t tested the gate, but traders are still pathing through every other building plan. Shouldn’t they avoid every plan once the villagers are there attempting to erect it? I sent ottoman villagers to build the imperial trade keep landmark, but they ended up afk for over 5 minutes because the passing traders were indefinitely blocking the plan and doing so does not count the villagers as idle, they just stand there waiting silently.

AI’s Scouts are now more aware of threats, avoiding them when possible and running away when attacked. They should avoid running through areas of high enemy concentration and no longer trail a large number of sheep into the opponent’s base. Sorry, no more free sheep deliveries.

AI scouts are still occasionally suicide pathing through the center of towns, making them easily killable, albeit with less sheep following them.

AI will now detect some map choke points (including river crossings and bridges) and will build Outposts and Keeps in these areas to control them.

But not walls? Also, this is broken on Megarandom. I had a map with many chokepoints all over the place and the AI was streaming villagers 1 by 1 past my towers to get to the back of my base in attempts to build a tower between a couple random patches of trees. It started doing this around 10 minutes into the match and persisted the entire game, as fast as it could produce villagers it was sending them to die.

How the AI scouts and utilizes resources on a water map has also been improved.

Remains to be determined because right now the AI water behavior is too bugged to evaluate. On pond and lake maps they make way too many military ships, more than a land army. Even on ocean maps they seem to just build a ton of ships and mostly camp them near their own shore and do a lot of fishing. Idk what all changed but the AI seems worse on water now.

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Got these two. The rest is already being looked into—AI behavior is something that the team will continue to improve over time.

Thank you for these reports!