Some bugs I noticed

I lost 0 (zero) buildings in a team game but yet the player with 5 buildings lost (2nd lowest) got the star in the statistics window. Not a big deal just something I noticed.

HD had gather point issues and I think it’s still happening in DE as well. WHen new buildings are built, the gather point doesn’t work right away when all the buildings are selected as a group and all gather points directed to one spot. The new buildings don’t register that command. Maybe because buildings (archery ranges for example) are built in different ages? I usually build 2 archery ranges in feudal and then 3 or 4 more in castle age…could that be the problem?

For me when the game starts, it’s fully zoomed in to the TC and when I select the TC to create villagers, it doesn’t register it right away. Takes 3 or 4 clicks on the TC to finally have it show the option to make villagers.

Same thing with building count