Some bugs in Technical Stress Test and ideas

Bugs detected:

Abbasid unique technology “Camel Barding” does not increase camel units armour, only change graphic appearance.
Some HRE Prelates seem to have the inspiration ability deactivated.
Some Chinese Imperial Officers lay inactive with some buildings (lumber and mining camp).
Auto farm placement over mill shadow (unbuilt mill) does not work when the mill in the fog of war.
Units does not react quick enough to perform hit and run tactic properly.
Could not choose own faction colour before the match.
Could not see players points during the match.
Could not check the map revealed at the end of the match.
Trading units does not appear in the bottom left as villagers working on gold, neither distinguished on the total economic units from villagers. It does not appear the total amount of economic units without holding on the mouse over the population limit (with delay).

Ideas for the final version:

I know this is a common topic but to play this game in a competitive level, a higher camera is a must.
Colours are quite soft, pastel like. Game tone is pretty obscure, which makes a bit more difficult to identify objects quickly.
Please man the siege! No more dark magic manned siege!

Thank you to allow the community to test the game before release. Great job with AoE4! Amazing game!

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