Some Chinese mistakes should be fixed

  1. The introduce of Chinese history in compendium is all about the initial stage of Ming dynasty. But we can see the Qing flag in skirmish and the king is KANGXI, and the introduce is all about Qing dynasty. It’s confusion,we all know the Chinese in game conclude Ming and Qing, So it is better to add some Qing history to the compendium and Ming history to the skirmish. What’s more, I recommed that it’s better to change the Chinese flag to a new one, which can combined Qing and Ming. Or use the AOE2\4 Chinese flag may be OK.


  2. When introduce the Summer Palace,the “晋朝”is wrong, "金朝”is right. "晋”and “金” all read “jin”.


The card Acupuncture(针灸)make all units train faster. But Acupuncture is ‘a treatment for pain or illness’, I think if change the card effect to heal or buff units may be correct.

well, maybe it is acupuncture points for reproductive system. *wink


I look at it as kind of version of Medecine, which affects every unit apart of villagers

the mandarin duck squad card(鸳鸯阵)ships 8 chu ko nus and 1flamethrower, is far away from history.
The real mandarin duck squad is formed of 11 soldiers. Some units do not exist in game, but we can rattan shield、pike、arquebusier are there, you can ship them to represent mandarin duck squad.

Ever victorious army,also named "洋枪队”,that ‘枪’ means gun. They are mercenaries with guns. So it should be ship Musketeers、skirmishers or falconets.



用龙纹没有任何问题,我是支持的。但用大清黄龙旗我认为不妥,因为不符合游戏中明清结合的中国,特别是官方还特意在后面的更新加入了更多源自明朝的卡片。我觉得可以在黄龙旗的基础上改设计,而我提出使用2、4 的中国结旗帜是一种折中方案,即如果他们懒得设计,用中国结也比用大清黄龙旗好,起码不会如此冲突。。。。



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Rattan shields should not be Shaolin units either.

Using religions to represent Asian natives is already strange. Asian natives largely centered on exotic weaponry is also strange. But at least it should have some consistency. For example chakram was famously used by the Sikh warriors. Tiger claw was also a Hindu/Marathi weapon.

Rattan shield on the other hand has nothing to do with the Shaolin monks. It is common military weapon in China at the time. Qi Jiguang deploys ratten shields in the Mandarin Duck Formation. Late Qing Dynasty used rattan shieldmen as shock troops.


If it remains as a native unit, it should belong to a native that represents Southern Chinese.


The card
is really strange.Beiyang Army is in charge of Yuanshikai,a warlord.And it has more modern weapons than Qing.But Beiyang Army(北洋军 in Chinese) in game is more likely an army with ethnic minorities in the north.Though in Chinese 北 means northern,洋 means foreigners or ethnic minorities and 军 means army,北洋军 is refer in particular to Yuanshikai and other warlords’army.
It should be changed.

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Qiang Pikeman is a weird name. Qiang is’枪’ in Chinese, which means pike. So qiang pikeman = pike pikeman.
please rename the unit, Chinese pikeman may be OK.
By the way, Chu Ko Nu’s ‘Nu’ means crossbow, so you are clever enough to avoid calling it Chu Ko Nu crossbowman.

year of dragon card, deliver flamethrowers and lizards. It maybe just a joke, but it’s not funny. We all know Chinese dragon, also called Loong, is quite different with western dragon, especially has nothing to do with lizard. Chinese players will feel offended. So just deliver flamethrower and make it +1 is OK

Confucius’s gift. Sure Confucius is a great important man in China, but what does gift mean? What is Confucius gift?I don’t know, I can’t find out any historical allusion about it. Maybe Confucius’s legacy like Zhuxi’s legacy in AOE4 is more accurate. Or, rename the card to be Yongle Encyclopedia.

You make a fair point about these inaccuracies, though I don’t think that whoever is in charge is going to take note. You can make a mod.


比如中国的刀就叫dao/tao而不是sword、sabre或者Chinese sword,中国的枪也会翻译成qiang。


I think the most important aspect of the Chinese civ should be the North vs South Dichotomy, and this isn’t well reflected in the current design of the civ.

In order to reflect this historical dichotomy, I propose to add another wonder for the Chinese Commerce Age, the Civil Service Exams House. And once you built it and upgraded to the Commerce Age, you could either choose the Nan Bang (South Bulletin) or the Bei Bang (North Bulletin), which will transform your military units into exclusively North Chinese types or South Chinese types, depending on which of the two bulletins you selected. And you may decide to switch to the other type back again once you advanced to the Fortress Age, and then again in the Industrial Age.

North Chinese military units in Commerce Age

Three-Barrel Hand Cannoneer (replacing the Chu Ko Nu but largely having the same stats and functions)

Qiang Pikeman

Steppe Rider



South Chinese military units in Commerce Age

Wolf Trooper (melee infantry + poisoned crossbowman)

Tiger Fork Warrior (anti-cavalry infantry + skirmisher, since It could use its tiger fork as a rack to fire rocket arrows)

Liangshan (凉山) Raider (largely having the same stats as the Steppe Rider, but it has an additional ranged attack by throwing javelins similar to the Genitours in AoE 2. The Yi or Nuosu people of Liangshan in southern Sichuan had been a source of horses and cavalrymen in Southern China ever since the Nanzhao era, and they often raided neighboring Han Chinese settlements. This would be the only cavalry unit for Southern China.)

Fire Lancer (equivalent of the flamethrower, though not as vulnerable to cavalry)

North Chinese military units in Fortress Age

Changdao Swordsman


Iron Flail

Meteor Hammer

Hand Mortar

Jingal (heavy arquebus carried by two people and costing two population, effective against cavalry and heavy infantry)

South Chinese military units in Fortress Age

Langxian Spearman (equivalent of Changdao)

Jiaochong Arquebusier (equivalent of Arquebusier; Jiaochong was a Ming era term which referred to imported arquebus from SE Asia, mostly of Vietnam and Java origins)

Fa()gong (reverse-engineered Falconet, slightly weaker than the original version)

Folangji (reverse-engineered Culverin, slightly weaker than the original version)

Poisoned Grenadier (Hand Mortar or Grenadier equivalent, not as strong as either but has an additional poison smoke effect)

Danjia Pirate (fast amphibious raiding shock infantry, sort of replacing the role of cavalry)

Hmong Javelineer (dragoon-equivalent, but much slower)

Some other crucial differences are that North Chinese units come in banners but South Chinese units don’t, and South Chinese have access to the Artillery Foundry but North Chinese don’t.

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