Some hover texts too small

Hey guys, I’m having this problem, that some of the texts in the right bottom corner are very small and problematic to read:

But most of the texts are completely fine like this:

Am I missing something, or? Btw I’m using a 4K resolution.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Dalas8
You can increase the scale of the tooltip messages:

@Felizon89 still a lot of gui elements are a function of resolution which they should not be. on 1080p everything is okish, on 720p or on 8k everything is super odd.

all gui elements should take the same amount of screen percentage independend of the resolution setting, which is not the case.

Yeah but the thing is, well let’s just check these pics again:

I purposely set 100 % for the tooltip scale and in the 1st pic we can see it works correctly (it’s horribly big, so usually you wouldn’t play like that) - but this doesn’t affect those texts in the 2nd pic or just somehow incorrectly, you know what I mean? Like the proper ratio would be somehow off.

I really hope the difference can be seen well in the pictures.

Thanks for the report @Dalas8, I talked with the team about this :slight_smile:

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