Some Ideas and features to add to AOE IV

# 1 - Pause for a Cause: Quick Match Breaks

In quick matches, players often need to step away for urgent real-life matters, like answering an important call. Since these matches aren’t ranked and don’t affect progression, players sometimes surrender, ruining the fun for their opponent. To keep quick matches enjoyable, I propose a Pause Feature. Each player can send a pause request to their opponent, who can choose to accept or ignore it. If accepted, the game pauses for 30 seconds before automatically resuming. This feature can be used only once per player in each match, ensuring quick matches remain fun and relaxed.

# 2 - Historical Insights: Unit and Building Lore

Add a history page for each unit and building in the game to explain their historical details. Additionally, unlockable artbooks could showcase the design evolution of different units, similar to Mortal Kombat and other games. These additions might seem small, but they offer extra encouragement and a sense of progression as players unlock levels in Civilization Mastery challenges.

# 3 - Show Off with Style: Unlockable Titles and Badges

Introduce cool, unlockable titles and badges that appear under players’ nicknames on their profiles and the match loading page. Here are some title ideas:

- Conqueror of Kingdoms
- Architect of War
- Master Strategist

# 4 - More Taunts?

Add more unlockable taunts through various, somewhat challenging tasks. This feature would provide players with more ways to express themselves and interact in matches.

# 5 - Revamp the Main Menu: A Livelier Interface

The main menu is currently quite boring. Revamp it with a more dynamic layout and beautiful, live backgrounds, such as a castle view with the grass dancing in the wind. This poetic touch would make the game feel more immersive and engaging from the get-go.

# 6 - Strategic Spawn Points: Team Game Coordination

In team games, allow players to discuss and choose their spawn points from the designated spots on each map. This feature would enhance in-depth strategy and teamwork, making matches more strategic and collaborative.

# 7 - Freshen Up Ranked Matches: More Frequent Map Pool Changes

For ranked matches, increase the frequency of map pool changes. The current seasons are extremely long, so adding a mid-season map pool update would keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

# 8 - Clan and Guild Systems

Introduce clans! This doesn’t need to be complex—just a clan tag and badge visible on the user profile, or maybe a clan chat?, and some clan-exclusive challenges and unlockables. Being in a clan provides a sense of belonging and identity, signaling to others that the player is part of a dedicated group, often indicating a higher level of skill or commitment.

# 9 - Diverse Daily Quests: Encourage Varied Gameplay

Make daily quests more diverse. Instead of generic tasks like “win any match,” quests should encourage diverse gameplay styles. Include more specific challenges and rewards to keep players engaged and motivated to try different strategies.

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I would ask for some extra control buttons for units. ie “Guard” - Set a group of Men at Arms (or other units) to guard a Seige unit (eg bombard). Then they are tethered to that unit, move with it at the siege units pace, and in combat only attack enemies if they get to close, and once they run away, move back to guard the siege engine. This would allow better micro on your attacking troops. As it stands now, your troops go rushing off to attack te enemy as soon as they see something, be it a Knight or an extremely lethal Lumber Camp (so dangerous).

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