Some ideas for future maps with an adventure theme

All these maps are inspired by old adventure stories, a theme I felt would suit AoE3’s exploration theme very well.

Skull Island
This rugged Southeast Asian island earns its name from the skull-face volcano rising from its center, around which buried treasure abounds. Relict populations of the giant ape Gigantopithecus and the giant monitor lizard once known as Megalania call the jungles home while pirates swarm the coastline.

Lost Valley
Volcanic ranges frame this tropical river valley where dinosaurs and other Mesozoic creatures roam wild. Native villages may be Akan, Yoruba, Maya, or Tupi.

Surviving megafauna from the last ice age such as woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats eke out an existence in this remote arctic wilderness. The indigenous Neanderthals might prove useful allies or formidable enemies.

An ancient civilization once thrived in what has become a sunken archipelago studded with half-submerged ruins. Natives you may encounter include the Caribs and Akan.

El Dorado
Treasure awaits within the ruined city of gold occupying the center of this map set deep in the Amazon rainforest. Natives include Tupi and Mapuche.


This is actually a pretty fun idea for a mod or custom map script. Add an El Dorado map to that list.

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Yeah, I suppose it would work better as a mod or collection of custom map scripts than an official DLC like I had originally envisioned. Oh, and I added the El Dorado map that you suggested too.